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  1. There in lies the problem, as I am fairly new at it...LOL. I am out right now and was forced to actually buy beer this last week So once we get settled in the new house, I will have to brew up a couple of batches, one of which will be a porter. This running out of homebrew is for the birds..LOL
  2. Just Curious if there are any other homebrewers on here...If so, What, in your opinion, is the best Partial Mash kit of Porter on the market?
  3. I actually have really good luck with a Purple Prince Nymph Myself in our Tribs over here.....Size 10 and it works really well...crazy but true!
  4. I am really liking the minimalist Idea...simplest fly or least material types....I would be In if you do one like that!!!
  5. Well, it's been over a year but I have made it back to FTF. A Broken foot, and a year of no fishing makes one just a tad twitchy to say the least. Good to see all the old Guys and gals are still here. I feel like I am finally home again!!!!
  6. whatever works best for the swapmiester...
  7. They were singing this crazy version of Terrapin Station while.....
  8. On the way, shipped out today! :yahoo:
  9. I agree but also disagree.... If you are just testing the waters, that $40.00 kit may be the way to go, but if this is something you know you are going to do, then save some money. I started out with some borrowed materials, and then made the antler vise in the Curtis Creek Manifesto, LOL. (Read that book by the way). I then purchased a cheap kit, and within a year purchased a desk, a cabinet for material, and made my own tool and thread holders. I also bought a new Vise. Any regrets :wallbash: ? Some, I wish I would have bought a better Kit right away with more material, etc. Maybe take that other $30.00 and buy a material only kit from cabelas as well, or look around for a better kit with the vise. Eithier way, you just wrecked your life (in a good way), so Welcome to the club....LOL Take your time and get the best you can swing!!! :headbang: :headbang:
  10. Gave: 6 sets of flys to fishing buddys, 1 Dozen each, Lots of toys for my 3 boys, and my first ever dozen saltwater flys I've tyed to my father in law. The boys each got a flyfishing setup from grandpa I got $250.00 in Gander Mountain Gift cards and 75 to the local lumber yard for the wood for my new tying bench..... Gave some Blessing and got Blessed in Return, a good Christmas!!!
  11. A Whiting farms mix hackel pack ( Good for bass and steelhead flys) A Golden Pheasant skin, $75.00 in Menards gift cards (The Wood for my new tying bench :headbang:) and then $250.00 in Gander Mountain Gift cards which is alot of material. My 3 boys each got a fly fishing setup from grandpa......all in all a good year!!!!
  12. Read the reviews before you buy one, I was ready to but the reviews made me change my mind, of course the one I have now is too small so I will be building one similar to the one pic above, LOL
  13. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: <<<< that pretty much says it all
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