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  1. This fly is wonderful. I love the colours and the symmetry of this one and, as always, is beautifully tied. I really enjoy your flies. Thank you.
  2. I love this fly. I love the shape and the way that you mixed the wing. Very nice job and i look forward to seeing more of your work soon! Thanks for sharing this with us.
  3. Thank you for the kind words. Steelyjim--it's a fly i tied to my own specification. I drew inspiration for a couple of sources, Traherne's Sir Moses being one, but i don't like gold tinsel. Tyrone, Mr Lucas Should recognise the hook, it's one of his! Mr. C., Possibly
  4. I love your tying of this fly--I love the shape you got. The harmony between the top and bottom of the fly. I think everything is spot on. Very pleasing on the eye. Thank you for posting this Mr. C.
  5. Hello All, I'd like to share a picture of my latest fly. I'm pretty happy with it, although i had a go at a herl head, which is ok, but i think it tends to over power the front of the fly. I did mean for the front body to be a little longer than the rear section but looking at it now, i should have stuck with the straight half and half. Comments and criticisms are always welcome
  6. The fly is effectively follows the construction of a "Durham Ranger", although the Jungle cock feather is replaced by the peacock pheasant. The Tippets are then applied as they would in the Durham Ranger. If i was tying the fly, i would use 6 tippet feathers--3 on each side. Looking at the picture, i think this is what Schmookler has done too. Hope that helps
  7. Tough one. Can i have a couple please? Quinchat i like, and seeing Goku's rendition of the Childers, i really like that fly too. The one i like the least would have to be the Lang Syne. Something about that fly really doesn't do it for me. Must be the dyed amherst. Not overly keen on the Golden Butterfly and its brother. For me, the shape is more important than the pattern itself. Although, sometimes someone can really amaze me with the way they tie a fly that i don't like, causing me to revise my opinion.
  8. The C&F Vice is a really nice vice, though in my view it is for tying trout flies. The jaw adjustment is good, but i was not impressed with how well it holds a larger saltwater [or salmon] hook. The other thing that put me off buying that, which was pointed out to me by a fellow board member (they know who they are!), is the inclusion of rubber on the jaws which is liable to perish. Not what you want for 400GBP...
  9. Dyna King Barracuda with the indexing option. I am not confined to salmon flies and tie mostly saltwater flies so in terms of practicality, this vise is, for me anyway, by far and away the best there is. The hook hold is second to none and i can happily make it hold any hook you can set on a fly rod. I would certainly recommend the midge jaws for any Dyan King model as the standard jaws wreck hook finishes, irrespective of what you pad them with, but since acquring these midge jaws the problem is no more.
  10. Shezli, The other things that will decrease the size of the head is the amount of space you leave for tying in the materials. If the head is very crowded, then you are putting wraps on top of each other--increasing the size while not maintaining integrity. If you have space for the side by side wraps the bulk isn't vertical and the materials are held in place more securely. Good work and i like the colour scheme.
  11. That fly is awesome. Beautiful shape and the colours go so well together. Top draw!
  12. Happy new year to you too Ronn, to your family and happy new year to everyone one else and our families.
  13. Very nice fly, i really like the body and the ribbing on this one. Those grouse feathers are very nice too.
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