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  1. Thanks for the advice. Luckily, I found the missing fly.
  2. I recently moved home from college for the summer and I had some of my fly tying stuff out. Long story short the cats got into some of my partridge feathers and, long story short, I'm down a fly and I'm thinking that it ended up in the mouth of one of the cats. Should I be worried about anything? It was still barbed at the time of dining. Chase
  3. Thanks for your responses. Seems like a very common practice. Can you continue tying with the head cement not being totally dry or will that cause stiffness to the materials that you are placing on afterwards? Chase
  4. I'm going to get into some gold ribbed hare's ear today and I was looking at the pattern and it tells me to apply head cement after the tail is tied in. Is it common to apply head cement after tying in some materials or is this just a special case? Chase
  5. Thanks for the pointers. Could have sworn my hackle gauge said it was the right size...but oh well. I'm also aware that it should taper, but my dubbing skills aren't quite up to snuff.
  6. So this is my first Adams, and winged fly. Let me know what you think. On first look it looks like I could use a little more body on the thing, and maybe shorter hackle. Let me know what you guys think. I can take criticism! Chase
  7. Just finished my first Adams. Well...it was actually my third but the first two kind of fell apart. It's also my first winged fly. From first look it could use more dubbing and straightening of the tail. Let me know what you think and if you have any pointers.
  8. Went to Hobby Lobby looking to get an Ott light. Then I saw that the one I wanted was $160 Used my 40% off coupon on a plain jane drafting light there. Link to the coupon (good through 2/9) http://www.hobbylobby.com/site3/weekly/coupon.cfm
  9. Thanks steelie! That's definitely going in my bookmarks. What part of W. MI are you from?
  10. Thanks redwings... I finally got my crazy week of classes out of the way so I'm organizing and sitting down at my bench tonight... If I actually tie something that looks decent I'll post it on here.
  11. Right you are...looking for trout flies. Gonna take the rivers by storm this spring!
  12. Got a lot of time on my hands over the winter and since I'm just getting back into the fly fishing I don't know what I quite need to be tying for the spring (in MI). I've spent most of my time just going through "Essential Trout Flies" and tying those. Any help would be appreciated. Chase
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