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  1. Shipping is $5 for 1 item or 50 items i know i have done both
  2. KILLLLLLLLLLLLER!!!!!!!!!!! Paul Rocky
  3. SWEEEEEEET !!!!!!!!!LOVE THIS 1 RAY Rocky
  4. Hans you ROCK my friend :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: Smallie I am amazed how fast your have improved keep up the GREAT WORK :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: Rocky
  5. That is SICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCK!!!!!!!!!!!!C Rocky
  6. SEXXXXXXXXXXXXY!!!!!!!!!!! Ill drink to that
  7. 720 That is SWEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!! SIZE 24 WAY COOL Rocky
  8. MOM of sorts. Tied on a Lucas noble P #3 flat head Rocky
  9. I think that if you present your fly on here first you could have a advantage. Example 4 people post flies on the forum and get there feedback. And then they inter them in the contest all 4 in the same class. I go to vote and see the 4 flies then it could become a popularity contest not a tying contest Rocky
  10. Lan i use utc 140 thread to build the under body Rocky
  11. Stunning work my friend!!! Fabules flies Hans i love the red one im going to tie up a hand full for my flie boxes. Bearhug to all of you C GREAT DRESSING C Rocky
  12. You mite want to start with these and then add outher breeds to get what you want Rocky http://www.feathersite.com/Poultry/CGP/Phoen/BRKOnag.html
  13. It is antique copper bliss tinsel. Bliss meaning it has bumps rolled into the tinsel. As for were to git it how knows Rocky
  14. Where are you talking at on the fly? Rocky
  15. That is SICCCCCCCCCCCCK !!!!!!!!!!!Mike great pattern Rocky
  16. AWESOME WORK C :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: GLAD TO SEE EVERY BODY'S WORK IT'S ALL TOP SHELF Rocky
  17. That is 1 SEXY SPEY REX Rocky
  18. Hi All Star tyers ( and Rocky ) lol Some fine flies been posted and many new tyers. its a real treat. hey Rocky hows hunting? have you laid any pray or Big foots this season? sick macaw and i love the green dee. you havent lost touch with your artistic side my friend. stay safe and say hi to your family from me. Bearhug 2 ya all C WOW C THE RIBBING AND BODY'S ARE SICK . STRONG USE OF COLORS AND AAA WINGS AWESOME WORK MY FRIEND I was just took a 2nd look at the first fly you free styled the body and put a Frances Frances black doctor wing on it SO COOL? Rocky
  19. Some body talk to me ??????????????????????? were are we with this swappppppppppppp Rocky
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