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  1. Welcome Jonas, I live in the UK so i'm fortunate to be able to fish for Grayling through the winter. I love these just as much as trout. I havn't had a go at Pike yet, but soon will be, so i may come to you for advice. Best wishes
  2. Thanks for the info fellas. I never thought about the legal aspect of collecting dead birds. Also the parasite issue could turn into a disaster. Perhaps i'm better off sticking to a reputable supplier. Thanks again.
  3. What is the best way to clean and preserve feathers from birds found dead on the road etc
  4. Invicta

    mole skin

    Yes. I use moleskin when tying the Waterhen Bloa, an old but effective pattern used for large dark olives and other olives. Dub only a very fine dusting to the silk or thread, so the thread shows through the dubbing.
  5. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. No, i'm relatively new to forums, in fact this is only my 2nd one. The first one was Cubamania which i stumbled across by accident. That introduced me to Nick Pujic which then led me here. Are soft hackled patterns rarely used outside the Uk? Are most of you on this forum from Canada and USA? By soft hackled i assume you mean spider patterns such as waterhen bloa, and snipe & purple. All these patterns are readily available if you put their names into your search engine. Having said that once i have found my way around this site i will post a few.
  6. Invicta is probably my favorite summer evening fly, nothing more to me than that.
  7. Hello everyone, My name is Mark Fowler and i live in the north east of England in the UK. Took up fly fishing about 6yrs ago so i still consider a beginner. Also tie my own flies now. I tend to stick to the rivers no matter how small and fish for Brown Trout and Grayling. I may have a go for Pike, Sea Trout and Salmon in the future. I've come to this forum via a chap called Nick Pujic (www.onlineflyter.com). I went to Cuba in July and had my first crack at Saltwater fly fishing. Nick went in August so i furnished him with some info about the area we stayed at. Fantastic...i would recommend this to all who fish. I'm looking forward to hearing your stories and tips. best wishes. Mark
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