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  1. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by cypressslough: Jig N' Pig
  2. The AK stacker was the best magnum stacker. Since they aren't made anymore, and I couldn't locate one, I machined one myself. I have $8 in the aluminum bar and hour of my time in my shop. If you need one that big, your local machine shop could probably make one for a reasonable amount. Mine is 4" tall overall and 1.5" in diameter with a 1 1/8" ID on the insert.
  3. The blue " pig" is chamois. The blue underbody is a different brand of Tiffany yarn. It's just to give a little bulkier profile.
  4. Black and Blue is the standard for jig fishing! LOL This one is coated with Hard as Hull. I'm working on a tapered epoxy coated head and eyes to make it slide through cover easier. I've used this fly with both the Sage Smallmouth and Largemouth rods and both handle it fine. Depending on the cover i'm fishing it in determines which rod I use. This one had an 2/0 Eagle Claw 413 jig hook The trailer is chamois cloth. Ultra Suede works great too, but I prefer the chamois on this fly.
  5. This is my fly rod version of a jig and pig combo. So far it's proven productive on my local lake. Gonna give it a good test run at Lake Fork in 2 weeks. The pics are of the prototype I played with. The final version has a double weedguard to help prevent snags. I'll take a few more pics of the final version and post it in the database.
  6. I use Flylipps on a few patterns. The best pattern I've tried them on is the Dancin Diver. It uses a Flylipp and a reversed foam popper head. Google Flylipps and you will find a few patterns that uses them. Go to the Flylipps website and there are several patterns there as well.
  7. It's Polar Chenille. There is a nice article about Pat in the current issue of Southwestern Fly Fishing magazine (or Eastern Fly Fishing magazine). The article talks about of a few of his flies. Brian.
  8. They are tied in on the bottom of the hook shank at the eye end with the "V" extending past the eye. Then flex the weedguard down and clip the apex of the "V" over the hook point. Just make sure when you tie them in, the "V" will point towards the hook shank when hooked over the point. On another note, are you sure the problem is with the weedguard and not your hook set? Or, the are tails on your poppers too long. Bass do have a tendency to short strike alot. If the tail is too long, it could be the only thing they are grabbing. Do you feel the weight of the fish when you set the hook?
  9. Chad, I tied on a Baracuda for several years. I had some of the problems already mentioned. Depending on the hook style, some hooks just don't fit in the grooves at all. On most hooks, the standard jaws hold like a vault. Overall, I like the Baracuda. I would love it without the hook grooves. It's built like a tank. I have since changed to a Renzetti Master and love it. Everyone's tastes and particular needs are somewhat different. Don't overlook the Baracuda, Jr. It's the same vise in a smaller package. If you like the Baracuda, get it. You're the only one that will know if a certain vise is right for you. Brian.
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