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  1. Mine came today (Sat). Some real nice applications. Hopefully by spring I will be able to drive and fish again. Great swap, Rich
  2. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: Flys are being mailed in the morning (Thursday) :yahoo: Jim
  3. If there is room, I can tie some Chili Peppers (Burnt Orange and Copper Buggers) Jim
  4. My PC has been going through menopause for the past week and was not able to get into the internet. Mailed both sets Wednesday, was waiting for one more set from Canada but Me thinks the mounties have some new flies. All in all it was a great swap. The streamers are some of the best I have seen. Quality all the way. I will be doing a framed version and hope to send you all a pic. Am in the process of going through four years of fly swaps, all my extras and extra material to mail out next week to both chapters of Project Healing Waters. Wild Bill (a professional photo-dude, retired Army, fought Bruce Lee in a movie and my fly fishing teacher) has agreed to take some stills and email them out to us. It may take some time as he now works in the "Puzzle Palace" and is on the go with our so called leaders. Yesterdays Dr visit was good and bad. Good is I am getting better - Bad is that I can't go on my annual "Father Daughter" Steelhead trip up near Hell's Canyon as there is a fear that since we would be roughing it; there could be some possible adverse reactions to the injections I would have to give myself. Oh well, next year. God Bless Jim
  5. Just returned from the local post office with sets of SUPER Streamers from: Wild Bill Sciotti, Dave Behr, Steve, Aaron , Kevin, and Walter (love the Micky Mouse envelope). :headbang: Great streamers from all. Will be using some this Oct up in Hell's Canyon on the Snake River for some Steelhead. :yahoo: Just got a report from my brother on the Pink Salmon in Washington. More fishermen than salmon. Elbow to Elbow, fights, crossed lines. What happened to etiquette? :wallbash: Jim
  6. See first post for edit. Four more sets of flies arrived this week. WOW!!!!!!!!! :headbang: Some great tiers out there. Thanks for all the support. I hope to have the flies back to you by the Friday after next. We have numerous sets in the mail with one from Canada and one from Germany. They will be the ONLY ones I wait for past next week. If they arrive after I have sent the flys out, I will mail them to you.
  7. A Gaggle (?) of Bloodworms flew in yesterday from Rich. Will make some nice droppers or.... How do you fish them. SUPER JOB!!! Also some Pink Straws arrived from Canada and once I looked closely; they were enclosing some beautiful Streamers from Horseshoes. WOW!!!! Private messages are going out to the few that have not been in contact to find out the status of their ties. I would Love to get the flys back to all of you the first week of Sep if all is fine. Tight Lines, sleep well and be at peace. Jim
  8. Big Daddy Hub's Streamers arrived today from Kentuky. Nice bunch of Closures, Hub! This make six in hand and two more in the mail. :headbang: We have had one more drop out due to being too busy meistering other swaps. :dunno: Please if you can not get the flys tied or have other reasons for not completeing the swap, let me know. Do not disappoint the other tiers that have put a lot of energy and effort in this swap. I had to drop out of a classic wet fly swap today due to the inability to concentrate, lack of coordination and shakey hands (not condusive for tieing flys). This is the first swap I have had to drop out of and it bothers me but STUFF does happen and we just need to contact the meister and let them know. Jim
  9. I have to apologize for not staying in contact. as most of you know I started treatment for an illness eight weeks ago. The first two weeks were OK but since then, after my weekly injection, I am bed ridden for two or three days (this time four) Seems the meds build up in your system. When not in bed, I have no coordination, motivation, energy or appetite (I have lost 15 lbs since starting). What is worse is that I can't even fish!!! Enough about me - now to our gigantic swap. I have received four packages of flys from you all and two more are on their way that I know of. We also have had two dropouts. Remember that flys are due 30 Aug. OBTW: The flys are looking great :headbang: Address Jim Phillips PO Box 848 Herlong, CA 96113
  10. Have my flys been received? :dunno:
  11. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: 12 Red Head Clousers will hit the air Monday. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: DT
  12. Big D Flys arrived - nice bunch of fish getters. Thanks for hosting and all the tyers for tying and sharing. We all learn from each other!! Jim PS BD- we need to get together in Reno and talk fishing over a Coke. Jim
  13. Your bodies are outstanding :yahoo:
  14. :wallbash: You missed mine! I closed it out yesterday with 36 tyers tying Streamers. :yahoo: I was digging deep for participants. :crying: Jim
  15. swap is closed Thanks to the hardy 36 flytyers from FIVE different forums. This will be fun :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  16. Thanks Vinnie You are in and down for the sculpin or whatever. Jim
  17. :headbang: :headbang: Three more slots added for FTF tyers!!!! Don't wait sign up today. Jim
  18. OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: I can do it DT Now if any of you tyers want a great swap with a much later due date. check out Summertime Bugs Swap III. Four more tyers needed. Jim
  19. i would like their to be 12 tyers and the due date is moved back to june 8 Guess I am out also. Jun 8 is just too soon. Had a great trip, lots of fish, water and sun oh yea and food!!! Started a cross-forum swap and still have five spaces left (of 36). Sign up on FAOL, FRDC or VFB. Aroost? (sorry forgot your full handle) - you are welcome to join also!! Clousers are streamers; are not they. Littleman: Sorry for using your post for my marketing but have seen some drop outs that may want to tie some with a later due date.' I will keep looking for your next swap. Jim the deserttrout
  20. John Thanks for the support. This will be a fun swap as it crosses over four different forum lines and will expose us to new tyers. Please read first entry and send me a PM with your personal email addy. Thanks Jim
  21. 36 is the MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VFB (10), FAOL, (5), FRDC, (1), FTF (11) = 27 so far ONLY 9 more spaces from any of these sites.
  22. Please send me your private email address so I can add you to the global list. [email protected] thanks jim
  23. Please send me your private email address so I can add you to the global list. [email protected] thanks jim
  24. Please send me your private email address so I can add you to the global list. [email protected] thanks jim
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