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  1. i have a renzetti presentation that i bought years ago. it has its quirks but generally it works well. i don't understand, however, why renzetti always advertises right and left handed vises. my vise is right handed but when i lost my right hand i continued to use it with my left. seems to work fine but maybe a left handed variety would work better i'm too cheap to find out however. does anybody else know exactly what right anf left handed mean in renzetti vises? no big deal i'm just curious. that being said i do use the rotary feature quite a bit but it's a bit cumbersome with one hand. one adapts as one goes along. i wouldn't go back to a non-rotary vise.
  2. i've been using the reel creel,sort oof a holster for a fly rod, for quite some time and find it really nice for freeing up my one good hand. it even works with a two handed fly rod with a little fiddling.anyone else using this device?
  3. i don't do much trout fishing but i don't think that color makes much difference in saltwater. it's the shadow the line casts that seems to make the difference. I can cast a colored line all day on a cloudy day and have no problems but if it's really sunny watch out because the fish do. here we get lots of big mullet schools in the summer and they spook from shadows not colors. one can drag a colored line through schools all day with no sweat, they pay absolutely no attention. but if your line casts a shadow especially when casting and they go ballistic. i've taken to using the clear lines. they aren't as easy to see but they cast almost no shadow.
  4. I like playing with deer hair, although since losing one hand it's a little more frustrating. the key,i think, is practice and the three loop method given above has always worked well for me. don't hurry and back up if you don't like the results. hope this helps.
  5. these are pretty nice but as noted the wires break pretty easily. i also like them for cutting braided lines and some fly tying braids. they seem to go through rechageable batteries awfully fast but if you start with a charged one before each session they work well for a few hours or so. wonderful for cleaning eyes and trimming materials close just don't cut your thread.
  6. I use artic fox,when i can get it, for lots of saltwater flies especially in those that use marabou. it also makes a killer clouser for redfish and speckled trout.
  7. having just had the first measureable snowfall in 109 years and apparently the first white christmas ever, i was thinking about cutting some firewood. now i won't.
  8. and i thought it was cold here. still you guys give me hope maybe the redfish will thaw out after christmas.
  9. jekeller


    don't go there without a license, it's not worth the hassle. i sometimes fish falcon reservoir on the texas border. you need a mexican license to fish the mexican side. no license and they will confiscate your boat.
  10. lots of water in the bay due to slosh effect from hurricane. anyhow the redfish and trout were really in close. too deep to detect tailers but in two hours the two of us landed and released a dozen redfish in about 2 hours. the best was 26 inches. interestingly enough the local bait soakers caught nothing. is high water helping anyone else out?
  11. i use a renzetti 4000 presentation. it works pretty well except for the cheesy o ring thingee and the fact that the jaw retaining screw is forever loosening. renzetti says they can fix it but the danged thing is useful and so've never sent it to them. since i now have no right hand i tie lefthanded on a righthanded vise but i've never understood why renzetti has right and left handed models and no body else does? any ideas? this peak vise sounds interesting but i've never seen one.
  12. i like to use a metal pallette knife (used by artists) to mix and apply. it can be cleaned with alcohol if the epoxy is even slightly damp. dry epoxy is more difficult to remove but a pallete is flexible enough to flex and generally you can then snap or peel the epoxy off. alcohol will also let you toluch the uncured epoxy with your fingers without too much sticking. this does tend to dull the finish, however. the wheels are nice. i have also had some luck substituting Loon Hardhead for epoxy but you have to buildup the head in steps.
  13. a few years ago i would have said warmwater but now saltwater is the way to go. after all our baitfish are nearly trophies elsewhere. but seriously i like the fact that saltwater fish are just so much more aggressive. a snook or a red may or may not take a fly but it won't swim around examining the damn thing for an hour before deciding.
  14. jekeller


    i am new to this forum. i have been fly fishing since i was about 15 with time out for college and grad school. anyhow we moved to the rio grande valley in deep south texas about 15 years ago iand i started to fish the laguna madre on a regular basis. about a year ago i lost most of my right hand in an accident. this required considerable adjustment in my fishing. i can't use a single handed fly rod anymore but the double handers have proven to be a revelation. my casts are now as accurate as ever and my distance has if anthing increased. the hand hurts all the time and i tire more easily but i can fish successfully and that means a lot. i also still love fly tying but i have some difficulties in manipulating materials. i guess i will never realize my dream of tying viseless but at least i can stll tie a little. do any of you have ideas about vises that might help me out? thanks in advance. please excuse the lack of caps but i have to type with one hand as well.
  15. jekeller

    Vest or Pack

    I played around with vests a lot but they were too hot and too heavy so I switched to packs. much more convenient. I like those that can double as chest or fanny packs. The Filson chest pack I have is pretty nice but it has little provision for for separating items and the zippers are hard for me to use ( I have only one hand now). I have found that zippers tend to clog with salt and that no amount of rinsing or soaking seems to remove those clogs. As a result, I like those packs with velcro.
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