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  1. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to tie some up & try them...since I live in a high mountain area
  2. That's why you get leaves to put in & make the table bigger :hyst: When you offer to bird sit for your friend, just to get the feathers And you already have your alibi for when he picks them up. "It must have been the stress of you leaving that caused their feathers to fall out" :yahoo:
  3. Took a little longer for them to get over the border but I got my flies yesterday. Great looking ties by everyone. Thanks for hosting Paul
  4. I used my time sitting around the Western Fly Fishing Expo to get my flies done. They're on their way down to you, hope they get there in time.
  5. Your sister walk into your work with a bag of hair she brushed out of her dog, & all your co-workers say "I know what he's going to do with that". Happened last week. :hyst:
  6. LOL I´ve really done that :hyst: So Have I :hyst:
  7. A friend of mine gave me some moose body hair but I had nothing to tie with it. Found a pattern using it for the tail, been using it for the tail in place of buck tail ever since. It's still, durable & doesn't flare much. Just my opinion
  8. It was harder then I thought to come up with a pattern I'd never want to tie again. Decided on a Quill Body Midge Pupa. I won't want to ever tie it again because stripping quill can be such a pain in the arse... :hyst:
  9. I got my flies in the mail yesterday. I guess it takes longer for them to travel up here through the cold & snow. :hyst: All the flies look great, looking forward to an ice free day to try them out. Might have to wait awhile though, we just came out of a -34C (-29F) cold spell so the ice isn't going anywhere for awhile Thanks for hosting cencalfly
  10. I'm in...to quit smoking & stay quit this time...TBD
  11. When your daughter comes up to you all upset because her stuffed animals are missing patches of fur. When your girlfriend comes home from a night out with the girls & you say "Hang on a minute, I just want to finish this fly." btw, that was only because I didn't want to leave a fly in the vise for our 2 year old to get his hands on :hyst:
  12. Maybe that's why there's no more free roaming peacocks at the zoo here :thumbup: My girlfriend is keeping a close eye on her dream catcher since she read this forum
  13. I'm okay with waiting for the last set. Would be a shame for someones work to go unfished because of the USPS.
  14. When you lay awake at night wondering if your girlfriend will notice the feathers missing from the dream catcher she has hanging over the bed. Thanks for the laughs everybody, keep them coming.
  15. You know you're tying to much when... You're petting a wire haired terrier thinking "This feels like calf tail, I wonder how it ties?"
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