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  1. Great job to all involved and congratulations to the winners. :thumbup: :thumbup:
  2. Duane great looking fly. My question is does it swim upright or hook up?
  3. Real nice Crawdad fly. One question. Does the fly swim right side up?
  4. I think that I have Griffin Ceramic bobbins. They have a ceramic center for the spool holder and the tube has a small ceramic bead in each end of it. As a matter of fact I have a few different sizes etc. It is easier to have several bobbins loaded with colors of thread that you use frequently than to change them all the time. And most definetly they don't break the thread near as much as the not ceramic bobbins. they are worth the extra $
  5. Put me in the C-clamp camp. I've never used a pedistal on any of the vices i've used and don't feel I'm missing much.
  6. This program don't work on a MAC :wallbash:
  7. I use an Olympus C-50 Zoom, 5 megapixels. It's a couple of years old and the new models are getting cheaper. It has macro capabilities but you can't get closer than 12 inches. Then you have to crop in on the image. If your resolution is high enough you will end up with a high quality image. This image was produced using that method.
  8. I just reread many of the posts in this Poll. I think Danvise should have had a listing in the catagories. I seems that many tiers are using the Danvise.
  9. Is the pattern of our choosing? and when will it be due? I need some answers but I think I'm in.
  10. Swamphunter When you brush your cat and your dog, save the fur you collect. It makes great dubbin.
  11. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by mmarkey: Olive Soft Hackle
  12. The way I use it is to align it straight of the end off the end of the hook. when I want to use rotary i throw a half hitch of tying thrread onto the hook then extend the bobbin over the bobbin rest. By doing it this way the thread does not wind around the hook or unwind from the hook. As far as having to wind up the bobbin again just adjust the bobbin rest not too far from the end of the hook and you won't have that problem. Another tip. That little spring is for holding material back over the vice body. It doesn't belong on the bobbin rest. Wrap it without stretching it around the vice body where the hole in the arm is and just link it to itself. Then when you have material hanging on the back of the hook shaft just clip it into the spring and it won't get in your way when your using the rotary function.
  13. I do something similar to what JoeBillingsley described. (I thinik) I tie in my herl at the back by the tips then wind it around my tying thread clockwise (forming a rope) till I have a long enough lenth. Then using my rotary function on the vise I hold the thread and herl combo and wrap the thread herl combo to achieve the required wrap. I find that the herl doesn't break near as much and is constantly reinforced through the length of the tie, because of the integrated tying thread. It also keeps the herl fluffy and stops flat spots from forming. No-one showed me this I guess great minds....
  14. I sorry to do this but I'm going to drop out of this swap. Reason being I just ran a swap on another site that only had six tyers and it really makes things too difficult on the meister when your waiting for one or two tyers submissions to complete a too small swap. I think the swap should have been cancelled because of low response. 12 tyers should be a minimum. Any swaps I run in the future will be so. MHO. I wish you the best and perhaps another swap another day.
  15. Alright I'm in. These are Carp flies correct and the number is 12. The fly's called a Woody. It's a pattern I learned years ago, works for anything including Carp!
  16. Duckydoty Nice fly. Ducky What size hook are you tying it on???? Inquiring minds you know.
  17. Once you try the rotary function you'll love it. I keep mine set just snug enough that it will stay where I put it without dropping. You won't be able to move it with thread tension while tying. only if you crank the handle or move the jaws. Good luck with it Your gonna love it.
  18. I think the realistic look great! They fish real good too. But I don't have the patients fo tie more than one or two and then I'm totally PO'd. I also think that if something about the realistic is off such as size or color then you spent all that time for what. Impressionistic are that impressions and I think fish see them as such also. JMHO
  19. Got mine today. Great looking flies and I think they all had Toe Tags
  20. DCM I bought a DanVise about 3 years ago to update an old Universal rotary vise I was using and I had a limited budget. I've used this vise for a long time now and I keep thinking I would like to get something prettier like the renzetti. but the DanVise has come through for me with everything so far. I just cant seem to justify in my mind why spend another $200 on another vise when I could spend that money on more useful stuff like a new rod or reel. The Danvise has great jaws not a mark on them in 3 years of use. I've tied flies as small as 32 and as big as 4 all with no more than noram difficulty. It has a wonderful rotary action. As far as options. I don't think it has a pedistal base. It doesn't hava a parachute gallows (but I've tied parachute flies and haven't used one). It does have an optional extension to move the jaws away from the head to tie long streamers. I don't have that either. On a scale of 1-10 I rate the DanVise a solid 10. But that's my opinion.
  21. Nice bugs Graham have you fished any of these yet?
  22. Graham That thing is giving me nightmares. Why didn't you do that for the flytyer of the year. Who knows what would have? Nevermind!!
  23. There are times when wax is a must. I usually have some regular dubbing wax on hand but for really tough jobs I have some paste-up graphic arts wax. Much stickier. Wax is very useful when weaving bodies, stops it from unraveling if you drop a thread.
  24. hey Caleb Darn Nice job there buddy. You're really gonna enjoy that rod. You deserve it. What did you make the body from?
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