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  1. Sorry I didn't get back, my midge pattern is a wet fly but that is ok maybe next time, just got back home from fishing in missouri. The pattern as productive
  2. I think I posted in the wrong spot. Is it full yet, if you still have a spot open I would like in. TBD but probably a rusty midge
  3. I would like to be in if you still have room
  4. Please let me know if you have not recieved your flys? Thanks, Sherri
  5. I got mine too thanks again for hosting
  6. Glad you guys liked them! Thanks for letting me know that you recieved them!
  7. Flies are in the hands of the postmaster in the morning. Thanks to all who sent in their flys. Sorry you had to wait. There are some awesome flies in this swap. I think you will all be surprised. Everyone is getting twelve flies back, just mixed the rest up and sent you all twelve. So what swap should we do next? Sherri B P.S. Please let me know when you recieved your flies.
  8. I will sort the flies I have tommorrow evening after the evening mail and send out friday. We were three sets short. I am disapointed, one person never responded to pm. For the ones that did not have their flies to me even after I extended the date will not be allowed to join another of my swaps. Sorry to the rest of you that had to wait for your flys. I will send out what I have and will send the extras back to you all. I will send each person different flys than what they sent in. Sorry for the trouble. Sherri
  9. Hey guys I had a weak moment and bought a Hardy Palonka bamboo fly rod. It says "The Pennell" on it. It looks to be in really good shape. Just over ten feet in length. Any ideas on its worth? I will try to post a pic when I recieve it. It is on its way.
  10. Just a few more days. Personal messages have been sent. Sorry for the mixup on this one with the dates and all. Doing better since my seizure. Went fishing yesterday for the first time. Beautiful day!
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