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  1. Look here, I have two pair. http://www.singlebarbed.com
  2. You know you can buy a longer stem from Renzetti, I did. About the base I think the Peak base is the best out there, which the Renzetti will fit.
  3. Look here. http://www.tenkarabum.com
  4. What you have is an item that was the cat's meow back in the day. $35.00 is a little high. I've seen them on Ebay for about $15.00. They have a huge amount of fur to use. Get a fur rake and go to town if you buy it. What color is it? I have one that was my Grandmothers that's black.
  5. I fish nothing but furled leaders for all flies. I have yet seen a fish run from a furled leader. Not if you use a braided leader that's a different kettle of wax. I use different leaders made for silk, UNI thread, flouro and mono and have not used a tapered leader in ten years. Leaders that are 6 ft I add 4 to 6 ft of tippet that's it. Works whether I'm fishing for brookies or on big water like the Madison or medium water like Slough Creek.
  6. Of all the places in W.Y. Bud Lilly's is the pits. B.R. ,Jacklin's, Arrick's and Campfire Lodge have the best assortment of tying materials. Campfire is jimsflyco, no one has more hackle then Jim.
  7. If the fly is in the air your not catchin fish
  8. Mary Dette Clark Ted Patlin Joe Fox Ralph Graves Mike Valla Sly Nemes
  9. Wax is not necessary but IMO it works. I wax all my thread, I also use mostly natural material. I find that wax allows me to dub a very tight body which helps keep the material from absorbing water. I have been tying nearly forty years and that is the way I learned. I have probably have 15 different waxes that I use for different applications.
  10. I use beaver and Aust possum for many flies whether wet or dry. I also mix the two with other natural materials to get the density I'm looking for. I use very little synthetic materials.
  11. I have been using Brumbackers Tuff film for about twenty years. I just spray the dull side and it's off to the tying table. I have also used Elmer's Craft Bond spray adhesive, it works well also and is easier to find. Both of the Brumbackers and Elmer's remain flexable so you can bend the fibers with out them tearing apart.
  12. Ted Patlin, a Catskill tyer, use all types of fuzzy toys.
  13. Here is something you may need to take into consideration. If you are teaching at a school, you need to check the regs on scissors and bodkins believe it or not.
  14. That's quite nifty! Here's the direct link. Thanks for posting, I'm not very savvy on such things, has to do with my age I think.
  15. There is a great resource associated with FFF, it's called The Fly Tying Group. Go to the FFF site then click in the Group. You don't have to be a member of either the FFF or the Group to access the information. They have a class syllabus, patterns for beginners what ever you need.
  16. They usually have some for sale at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum.
  17. You can get them from any place that sells "O" rings. I think they are size 14. If you go to Renzetti's site it will tell you what size it is.
  18. Hans has been using this stuff for several years had has tyed some great flies. I did a search sometime ago and the link above is where it's at. Just a little pricey for me.
  19. It's been around for years and it is a good dry fly dubbing.
  20. This time of year I put away my western gear and start using my Tenkara. For s/h's and nymphs it can't be beat. High stickin through the riffles or deeper slower water where you can "work" the fly has proven very successful even in the coldest conditions. For the most part I will use a 13 1/2 ft rod with either a furled line or a Florocarbon hi vis line.
  21. Yes an update. I just saw this thread, I would help out as I tie Catskill style flies.
  22. Look at either Bass Pro or Cabelas. You might also look at the sponsor here and see what they can put together for you. Your best bet is a 9ft 5wt.
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