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  1. 2 hours ago, chugbug27 said:

    Really sad that we had that kerfuffle back in the 18th century... She would have been out monarch in God's glory, too.

    I was there on July 4th 1976 when she spoke at Independence Hall congratulating us on our 200th birthday.  No hard feelings, apparently. 

    In some ways, she was still our queen.  If anybody spoke of "the queen", you didn't have to ask which queen.  For example, Margrethe, queen of Denmark just celebrated 50 years on the the throne, but you never think of her as "the queen."


  2. 57 minutes ago, Gene L said:

    ... found that I need about a foot or more of thread to keep tension on the fly...I ran out the first time I tried it, half-hitched my thread on the hook and tied back on.

    I learned from Helen Shaw's book, and tied without a bobbin holder for the first ten years or so of tying.  The waste of thread was what induced me to buy a holder in the first place.

    In a pinch, you don't need the rubber grommet either.  Just clamp a hackle pliers to the thread when you need to maintain tension.

  3. 13 hours ago, Bryon Anderson said:

     I don't know that artists really have that much control over ticket prices. Not every ticket is $5000, either. And no matter at what price tickets start, it's supply and demand that drives the prices up. Just like in saltydancindave's post -- what people resell tickets for is completely out of the artist's or even the promoter's hands. 

    The problem in this case is Ticketmaster, which is using something called "dynamic pricing" which means that as demand goes up, so does the price, often multiple times per day.  They are in effect doing the scalping themselves and cutting out the middle man.

  4. 36 minutes ago, Sandan said:

    I'm a lefty. My thread hand is my left. The hook in the vise is eye to the left. I wrap over and away. That's clockwise....I think. As @SilverCreek said. It makes, for me anyhow, using thread tension to set materials in place easier.

    That's counter clockwise.

    Oliver Edwards ties left handed and wraps under and away.  Make for a nice video, because it shows up as looking like a right handed tyer would tie.   That's not why he does it, though.

  5. On 6/18/2022 at 9:20 AM, Swamp Fly said:

    Interesting, I have the exact opposite experience with clinch vs. improved clinch knots.  I wonder why.

    The clinch knot is easier to seat correctly if you pull the running line (not the tag end.)  If you can get the improved to seat correctly (a fairly big if) it may be a stronger knot.

    FWIW, I've never had a clinch knot fail in over 60 years of using it.  I have had an "improved" clinch knot fail.

  6. 2 hours ago, DarrellP said:

    Somehow I misplaced Woodenlegs flies.  I have turned my house upside down looking.  I wrote everyone's address and will mail them when I find them.  

    May I suggest (with the approval of others in swap) that when you find them, it might be better to donate them to a TU chapter or something similar,  to be auctioned off.   No reason you should have to pay for all that postage.

    Things happen. Thanks for hosting.

  7. 3 hours ago, SilverCreek said:

     Who knows where they obtained the fox urine. 

    It's actually available in some garden supply store as a deterrent to rabbits and such. Coyote urine is also available as a deer deterrent. Both are for sale at my local hardware store.  Neither ever worked for me.

    No subvarias are truly pink.  The females are mostly olive and the males are reddish.

    I don't use Flick's version, either, but I do use Steenrod's version, which uses muskrat, so it's similar to an Adams.

    I do find Flick's Red Quill to be useful, though.

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