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  1. I tie with muskrat frequently, but I've only ever needed to buy one pelt. Not a high turnover.
  2. I'd guess that any color that works for a mop fly would work. The flies are not dissimilar. OTOH, it can't very well be called a Green Weenie if it's not green, can it?
  3. Edmonds & Lee substituted mole for water rat in every fly that appeared in both (and that Pritt called for water rat.) I think The Wind in the Willows had something to do with that; water rats had become beloved and moles were still seen as vermin. The water "rat" is actually a vole, as is the muskrat on this side of the Atlantic. The latter makes an acceptable sub for the former if you don't have mole handy.
  4. I tie and fish this fly frequently. It does well for me year round in spring creeks, in spite of the lack of iron blue duns, or even blue quills. I've theorized that it gets taken for a cress bug.
  5. redietz

    Mayfly ID

    Rotunda is no longer recognized as a species. All supposed examples were shown to be either small invarias or large dorotheas. The change was made in 2003.
  6. Sad news indeed. His feathers were the best by far. I wish him well.
  7. redietz

    Over the Limit

    Here in Maryland, they'd be fined $25 and have their licenses revoked for a year. That's because penalties are set by the legislature rather than DNR, and the legislature doesn't think that poaching is a serious crime. In 18th and 19th century England, poaching was punished by hanging or by transportation to Australia. I see no reason to inflict our criminals on Australia.
  8. Mine went out today, priority mail. I used the "inside of a Woodcock's wing". The #1 hook referred to is the same as a modern size 14. I've never been sure why the two colors of silk. I usually use only green, but went with the "as specified" for these swap flies. Tracking number available if needed.
  9. Etsy is another place to look.
  10. redietz

    Over the Limit

    "called on the commission to impose lifetime fishing bans on those who were cited for excessive over-limits" What would the commission do? Not sell them a license? I would think that if you have no compunction about going over the limit by that many fish, you'd have no compunction about fishing without a license. You'd just take better care to not get caught.
  11. Is there any other kind?
  12. I don't like or dislike people, although I've been avoiding large crowds since the pandemic started. I'm curious though as why any one go to a concert to hear the exact same thing they can hear on a record? I go to hear something new. If the band can't improvise, I don't think very highly of them (except classical musicians, of course.) I've seen a few acts that played everything exactly the same as the record, and made a mental note to never go see them again. I still might enjoy their records, but see no point in going to see them recreate those.
  13. Sorry to hear this. Pay attention to what the doctors have to say, and get better soon.
  14. Stephane Grapelli with Martin Taylor -- Cafe Society, Philadelphia. Pink Floyd -- Spectrum, Philadelphia Merle Haggard, San Jose Any of the dozen or more times I've seen the Seldom Scene, but especially in Aptos, CA where they played "California Earthquake" within the shadow of Loma Prieta to a crowd that had all suffered damage from that quake. Squirrel Nut Zippers, at the Birchmere in VA. About half of the 200 or so times I saw the Greatful Deadm from sea to shining sea.
  15. redietz

    Rainbow Trout?

    Allegedly, at any rate. I think most of their reputation for being hard to catch is that you can easily see that your efforts are failing. You miss the fact that there may be a dozen other, less easily visible, trout in close proximity that you're also failing to catch. But you know you're not catching the highly visible one.
  16. redietz

    Rainbow Trout?

    Yep. It's also called a golden trout, but it's not the same as true golden trout (O. mykiss aguabonita, the state fish of California.) It's a hatchery creation, stocked in great numbers in many states along with more conventionally colored rainbows, to let the public know that a stream has been stocked. Nothing rare about them at all. The pellet pig shown has obviously spent it's life in a hatchery millrace. Not sure why it made the news.
  17. redietz

    Lock down

    Most common in the ring finger, though.
  18. redietz

    Lock down

    What he described doesn't sound like trigger finger at all. I've had my hand cramp up after fishing for too long. It sounds a lot like that. I now prevent it by switching casting hands from time to time, but I don't know what I'd do if it were caused by tying.
  19. When you're tying for show, rather than throw.
  20. Proportions look fine to me. I tie and fish this pattern a lot.
  21. I take it you're trying to keep people away from an already overcrowded (and much loved) stream.
  22. I'll be tying a Greentail (Pritt #33)
  23. True, but as tied originally in Michigan, it had a golden pheasant tippet tail, with wings tied spent and in front of the hackle. It wasn't until the Catskill tyers got hold of it that the tail became hackle fibers, and the wings moved back and tied upright. The video does show a Catskill style Adams.
  24. I'm in, assuming there's still room. Something from Pritt, I expect.
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