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  1. I'll be tying a Greentail (Pritt #33)
  2. True, but as tied originally in Michigan, it had a golden pheasant tippet tail, with wings tied spent and in front of the hackle. It wasn't until the Catskill tyers got hold of it that the tail became hackle fibers, and the wings moved back and tied upright. The video does show a Catskill style Adams.
  3. I'm in, assuming there's still room. Something from Pritt, I expect.
  4. As well as in several other delivery businesses, apparently. Can you say "conflict of interest?"
  5. Here in cental MD, they would probably give him a medal. Deer a now a nuisance species, with many times their pre-columbian population..
  6. How else are they going to be able to hold the fish at full arms length to make it look bigger than is?
  7. At the DoD site where I worked, all documentation was kept on a server named RTFM. The higher ups insisted the name be changed because the acronym, when expanded, included a rude word, even though the acronym itself doesn't.
  8. If you're talking about photos with the rod laying next to fish to give some idea of size, it may be as simple as wanting to keep the fish wet. OTOH, I don't know why people take pictures of fish at all. To each his own, I guess.
  9. That's true everywhere. I'd not only like to see more funding for CO's (we call them NRP's -- Natural Resources Police -- here in Maryland) but also to increase penalties for violations. A few years back, there was a story in paper about a guy who was fishing without a license and had in his possession 20+ trout taken from a C&R stream. He was fined $25 and not allowed to buy a fishing license for a year. What kind of deterrent is that? Especially since he was already fishing without a license.
  10. I don't know about Florida, but in most states, that's exactly what they do much of the Watch North Woods Law or Lonestar Law sometime. They're both "ride along" show with members of the Maine and New Hampshire Fish and Game Department and the Texas Game Wardens. They do catch some poachers, but just as often they're dealing with boating safety, off road vehicle safety, and drinking in public parks. I heard before that the increasing non fish and game related law enforcement role is making it hard to recruit new conservation officers in many places.
  11. I've got one, and yes, the jaws lack holding power. That's a shame because it renders useless an other wise nice vice.
  12. Sorry to hear, I've had no problems.
  13. The problem is that the producers sell to highest bidder. If they can make more by selling overseas, they will, until local refiners are forced to pay the same price. Shortages elsewhere in the world drive up prices here.
  14. redietz


    I assume you mean alligators. Tilapia don't taste good regardless oh how you prepare them. One of the very few fish sold as food that I don't like, and I know I'm not alone on that.
  15. The Traveler is another vise that you need to fiddle with to get to hold a hook. If you don't like the Dyna-King, you probably won't like the Traveler for the same reason.
  16. Nicely done, and nice thought.
  17. I don't see how this is rule change. Kim stated up front that registration was open until Feb. 17. On the 17th, five more swappers signed up, at least some of whom are members here (myself included.)
  18. Haven't watched the video yet, but I will. I start off beginners classes with a Green weenie and a San Juan worm -- just to get them into how to start the thread, how to mount materials and how to whip finish. Other instructors I know start off with a honey bug, another good choice.
  19. Or tied with peacock from India -- which is actually where peacocks are from.
  20. Not all of those women actually originated flies, or if they did, it's not recorded (which doesn't mean they weren't great tyers.) And Dame Juliana may not have even existed.
  21. I don't either. I just don't enjoy some forms of fishing as much as I do others.
  22. I've been pretty much fly only for 58 years. The only time I use spin tackle is to help in youth events.
  23. Not what I was told in grade school in 50's. They were talking global warming even then.
  24. The cost of chicken feed ain't chicken feed anymore.
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