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  1. It may have rabid. You were wise to avoid it. They don't look like they're built for speed, but they can run amazingly fast.
  2. Looks like a crippled minnow. Try fishing it dead drift. It night works wonders.
  3. Flies are in the mail. I tied them as per the dressing in Fly Tyer (but a size smaller) and included a few extras tied the way I usually tie them. I don't know if they're of any use to you in Texas, but at least they should be good for panfish.
  4. I was guessing you were going to say something like 6s2p, but 9700 mAh is a serious capacity, and 120c is a higher discharge rate than any battery I've seen. Do you use a separate battery for the receiver? I guess the failsafe isn't as important in truck as it would be in a 1/5 scale airplane.
  5. I'm not sure that counter wrapping the rib actually is any better on this fly (I never do so); just the wording was wrong. You've got good technique.
  6. What battery configuration are you planning on using?
  7. Beside not being a BND, the instructions said to counter wrap the rib, but the video showed it being wrapped in normal direction.
  8. Got it. Flies are tied, still need to toe tag.
  9. Try putting a little dubbing wax under the hook (the one on the clip, not the one in your vise.) Works for me.
  10. Which doesn't actually mean it that it wasn't doing it's job. Sometimes an attractor fly will alert fish to the more realistic fly it's teamed with. For me, a pink San Juan worm doesn't necessarily catch a lot of fish, but it sure increases the number of fish I catch on another fly just below it. Rocco hit the nail on the head when he said If you don't like a fly, it gets tied on less frequently than other flies, and if you do tie it on, it's often out of desperation when nothing else is catching fish either. When, predictably, it fails to produce a miracle, it just further reinforces your bias against it. All of the flies mentioned catch fish for people who fish them frequently, just not for people who have no confidence in them.
  11. Woolly bugger -- at least for trout. I've never caught a trout on one.
  12. I prefer necks for the same reasons that you don't like them. There's a variety of feather sizes; I still tie down to 22, which I can't find on a saddle. plus the larger hackles make for tailing material. I agree, though that sometimes being able to tie 3-4 dries with one feather is a convenience (and you can skip the hackle pliers) but if I want to do that, I'd just as soon buy the Hundred packs rather than a whole saddle.
  13. Those appear to be saddles, not necks.
  14. Cream Pale dun Furnace Brown (Red Game) Cree
  15. What the heck, count me in. They did a feature on Renegades a year or so back. I'll do those if I can't find anything else.pr EDIT: If I can get the proper hackle in time, I'll be doing the Little Yellow Stone from the article "Spring Patterns for the Rocky Mountains." If I can't get it, can I tie a variant? I usually use cream hackle for this fly.
  16. redietz


    If I can find someone to borrow a camera from, I will.
  17. redietz


    There's an even simpler way to tie a blood worm with D-tubing. Just strap a short piece on top of the hook with open spiral wraps. The front stops just short of the hook eye, and I usually add a couple of turns of peacock herl there just to make it feel like I've actually tied something. The rear extends to the back of the hook (but it's only strapped down to the bend). I've caught many fish on that over the years.
  18. With the big caveat that the comparison is between line weight (AFTMA #) and the diameter of a silk line: Wi And as I said above, in many cases, you may prefer one modern weight lighter than the chart indicates.
  19. Some misinformation on that page! Weber sold rods as well as flies, mostly trade rods made by Heddon. I've got a couple of them.
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