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  1. I would suggust to be more sparse. Also leave the Ostrich Herl points on and just tie in shorter if needed.
  2. How is this even possible? It seems like everytime you try to put a tail fiber/feather in the loop they all fall out. Are there any tricks to this I am unaware of? Is there a special way to place them in the loop (beside buying the $40 Magic tool)? Advice is appreciated. THanks CC
  3. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by coreycs: Crystal Chenille Eggs
  4. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by coreycs: Ice Age Stone
  5. I can tie on Sunday. I will tie some modern streamers. Let me know what time to be there.
  6. Jamie are using a dubbing loop to wrap your Arctic Fox?
  7. Thought I would get more replies on this. Thank you for everones insight. I have only been tying for about 8 mths.
  8. I heart Artic Fox hair too. Here is a recent pattern I came up with that I call the Salmon Toad. I posted it about a week ago. I like your color scheme HA HA HA!!!!
  9. Prof, I will be tying Carmichael's Second Chance in Fire Tiger color
  10. Hello All, This is officially my first post for tying of my own. Here are a couple of patterns that I have made up, one of which is not mine ( whoa Nelly). The other 4 are my own creations. I hope to experiment with them for Kings this fall. Trying to make it out there ASAP. If not they should work for the Cohos. Let me know what you think. Later Salmon Toad tail: White Marabou Body: Green Arctic Fox, Purple Rabbit Crosscut Collar: Grizzly Saddle Hackle Weight:Lead Barbel Eyes Wing: Mix color Flashabou Macaw Special Tail:White Buck Tail, Surrounded by White Saddle Hackle Body:Blue Arctic Fox, Green Arctic Fox, Red Arctic Fox. Wing: Mix color Flashabou Second Chance B&W Stinger: Black Estaz with black saddle hackle (collar) Body: Black opposum/ White polar fiber Wing: Mirror Blue Flashabou Second Chance Fire Stinger:Copper Ice dubbing with Chart/ Collar Body: Green Arctic fox, Top Head S&F Olive, bottom Red Arctic Fox Wing: Mix color Flashabou Whoa Nelly Tail:White Buck tail surrounded by white saddle hackle Underbody: White UV Ice Dub Collar: Chart. Saddle Hackle Outer Collar: Bucktail Red and Chart.
  11. I will be tying a Pink Scudlitoris
  12. Lets have a swap for those of us that may make it out west this summer. Hoppers Scuds Stimi's PMD's ants streamers I would host but I cannot, I don't have enough swaps under my belt. I think this would be a cool one. Corey
  13. Help! I need a step by step for an articulated zoo cougar. Please help. Thanks
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