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  1. Maybe something on ASA settings and flash? I think flash is important - not just things like red eye - but bouncing flash and fill flash. A short discussion of lenses would probably be a good idea as well. The effects of using telephoto and wide angle and how to use this as respects depth of field. I presume you're dealing with aperture and depth of field as well. This ties in with focal distance - which you have to talk about for macro photography.
  2. Harry Cowan ties a fly he calls a coyote - http://www.virtualflybox.com/patterns/patt...=40&id=1001
  3. If you want to get into it slowly, why not try something like this - it can be used for macro applications as well. http://www.amazon.com/Opteka-Panoramic-Fis...8327&sr=1-8
  4. That's sort of the way we look at it in Buffalo, NY - "The weather keeps out the riff-raff!"
  5. I'm considering running up for a day. While the seminars look interesting, I'm not sure I can spend as much time as it merits.
  6. Sometimes the foil on the neck of wine bottles is lead. Caution is the word here as some are just plastic. I can't tell you how many bottles I've had to consume just to get the foil and the the feeling of disappointment when it turns out that the bottle I opened just had plastic. I've learned to mellow out though and live with it. With spring just around the corner, I'd better make another run to get some more of that stuff... err, I mean foil.
  7. Weighted flies can be a challenge to cast. The "duck and chuck" method is recommended. Aside from that, the design of the fly was intended to imitate a minnow - swimming and diving down towards the bottom on the pause when stripping back in. But as mentioned, that doesn't seem to stop fish from hitting it about any time it's in the water.
  8. That's the corre3ct name! Maybe this will help. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jungle_cock
  9. Houdini

    Jack Gartside

    This is the message from Jack's website: A few of you may know (though most probably don’t) that Jack was hospitalized last week. The diagnosis is small-cell lung cancer. Not something you want to have. Right now he’s undergoing an aggressive course of chemotherapy and radiation. When you hear a friend has cancer the ground drops from under your feet. You picture your friend diminished by disease, a whisper of his or her former self. You feel helpless, kicked in the gut (at least, that’s how I felt). All I can say is that cancer has never butted heads with the irresistible force that is Jack Gartside before. He’s in amazing spirits–laughing and joking. His second day in, as doctors entered the room, serious, conferring, they burst out laughing at the site of Jack and all his visitors all wearing these goofy coke bottle eyeglasses Katie Lavelle had brought over. With an unfamiliar stretch of the Charles River flowing by his hospital window, Jack convinced Dale Linder and Dave Skok to bring their rods and fish it on their next visit so he can know what’s in there. Just as amazing has been the outpouring of support from Jack’s friends, acquaintances, and people who just admire his work. There have been calls, cards, and emails (I’ll post a few of them below) from all over the world. Fishing companions, fellow fly tyers, family, fans, dance partners, old friends and new. Jack’s been truly touched and inspired to have so many people wish him well. Strange though it may sound, he is just loving life right now. He told me tonight “Tell people I’m going to be back in that bellyboat catching pickerel as soon as I can.” Another thing Jack has been really touched by (so much so the he asked me to mention it) is the quality of care he’s receiving at the veteran’s administration hospital. The other night on the phone he couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful everyone has been–the doctors, nurses, and staff. He told me that after he thanks a staff person for something it’s common for them to reply, “No. Thank YOU for your service.” Simply outstanding. (It’s the VA in West Roxbury, MA, by the way.) How long Jack will be in the hospital we don’t know yet. He could be home as early as next week. It all depends on how his system responds to the treatment. Outpatient or inpatient, the treatment will take several months. Lastly, if you’re wondering about whether now is the right time to place an order on Jack’s web site, the answer is an emphatic “Yes.” Books are in stock, as are thousands of flies, prints, and other things. While Jack is in the hospital, I and a few other friends are filling his orders.
  10. Houdini

    Jack Gartside

    I have been unable to confirm it, but I heard Jack was ill. If someone in touch with him could confirm this, please do. Apparently, Jack has been diagnosed with lymphoid cancer and is being treated at the West Roxbury VA hospital. Cards and well wishes may be sent to VA Hospital Sect AG West Roxbury Division 1400 VFW Parkway West Roxbury, MA 02132 617-323-7700
  11. I haven't seen any chatter on the Show. Who is planning on attending?
  12. I'm having the same problem. It looks like things are well and truly messed up. I'm going to give it a few days and try again.
  13. My point, in the Cosmic Chicken thread was that I was seeing fies that looked virtually identical to, for example, a Clouser that had been named by the tyer - either incorporating his or her name or inventing another. I suspected that some people were so challenged by feelings of inadequacy at the vice or so desperate to make a contribution that they felt the need to more or less 'plagiarize' someones legitimate contribution and creative effort and thus, in a very real way detract from the original effort. What iced the cake for me was a particular specimen that was posted on several sites that was identical to a well known spun deer hair bass bug. It was a nice tie and if the maker had just posted it as an example of a good effort on his or her part to duplicate a difficult tie, I would have felt compelled to add a note saying it was a nice tie. But to claim credit for originating it by just changing the name was a bit over the line in my humble opinion. So for the (so far) 50% who say "Giving a pattern a name is just part of the fun and shouldn't be taken seriously" I have to respond that I personally view it in almost the same way I would plagiarism. It's just me, I guess....
  14. Actually, I'm getting kind of tired of seeing patterns that people name and "originate" that are nothing more than reties of well known patterns. I think there are very very few truly 'new' flies as to concept or innovation, rather they tend to be people calling them by a new name - just take a look at the "new" pattern submissions almost every day. Why don't people just call them something like "My take on a Clouser floating minnow" rather than "The Cosmic Chicken Duster" or whatever?
  15. It may be the view or the photo but it looks like all the fiber in on one side of the hook. Clousers usually are tied with a belly as well as the topping. As the fly rides upside down, the "top" color is usually darker. Take a look at http://www.flyfisherman.com/ftb/bobclouser/index.html There is a video there in two parts done by Bob himself.
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