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  1. bet that thing [Goduster] would kick butt here in East Kentucky...got me thinking
  2. For me there is too much going on here ,gotta digest it for awhile, the intrinsic thing you know.
  3. coming off with a story like this ya gotta take the consequences.... as for fishing for this creature, JSzymczyk these tactics you describe were things we considered. Problem was and maybe still is you must leave park at sundown. As for the millions of $$$, I had never even thought about that. Anyway the fish is most likely dead by now.
  4. we actually did see this fish.
  5. what urged me to bring up lmb is simply nostalgia. I mean a 50# lmb? Firstly, what I know about lmb is I never caught one in a mountain stream. Very near to a brook I have fished for 30 yrs. is a large pond and in that pond my son and I saw 2 bass that we regarded as just under 30" and the big one at 36". I more than likely would never fish the ponds but for my son who always was a bass fisherman. So that is how at least for a month or so we spent time together and how I was privileged to see such a fish. The brook is the water source for the pond and neither the brook or pond has been stocked since 60'. I wonder if anyone else has seen these fish. They certainly have not caught them. I checked out NJ records and the current lmb is a little over 10#. The idea comes to mind that there are record fish out there that are not getting caught. So when you experience that mighty breakoff and after the shock wears off, ["wears off"??] the question has to come to mind,who is really hooked here? We went back there many times, casting rods, spinning rods, fly rods, rubber everything,plastic,feathers furs, floating, sinking,rattles and all sorts of hopeless tactics. But never meat baits, nor scents. Never saw thum again. In fact Our fish catch rate went down in that pond, its like they knew what we were up to. Oh yah,,,the estimated size of the big one; based on a carp we caught one night on the Delaware which was 38# and right about 36".....
  6. love those red eyes,very well tied
  7. what is the biggest lmb you know of regardless of existing world record? That said, I offer this; is it possible for a 50# LMB to be living somewhere?
  8. if Jack could see you, I'm sure he was grinning. I thoroughly enjoyed the tarpon sequence, thanks for the bright moments.
  9. yah,,,,and a new rod,,oh boy,,but I'm interested in the fly,how do you tie it?
  10. I wonder if Orvis still sells the braided butt leaders. The thought came to me the tips were available in various wt. knotless tapers. Gonna check into it. Also, nylon sinks if not greased, similarly fluro floats. Seems like I remember my 2# vision fluro braided er furled leaders did that well, anyway I have to get back to fishing so I know what I'm talking about.
  11. Tom Gibbons


    one of these beautys flew into the room I was working in this past Thurs. The one with the jet black wings and neon blue body. This post drew my attention to wondering which one it was. Checking out rockworm's google I found it was calopteryx maculata. Since I now live in East Kentucky,I shall be tying these according to the above advice.
  12. as usual,another great topic. hairwing,steelheadalley-meal ticket, that was a pleasant 1/2hr.of true value.
  13. This is so real....this goes places...my wife and I used to roam Manhatten shops back in the 60's when we lived there, off Central Park West. There was a Japan shop on 72'nd just east of B'Way that had among much else a collection of old Bonsai, some up in the 500yr. + age. We were always stoked up on them,, you know like just go in and dig them trees. Generally it was to buy incense, if you get my drift. Those were some groove times. I still have it for the bonsai thing ,but not the time...How to get as much culture in one short fast lifetime. This past week we moved to another home much more suitable to what I do for hobbys, I am finally, God willing , going to have a designated room,library, tying desk, puter set up, with good north light for painting, the whole package including double size garage for my wood shop. Maybe,some gardening. I have to get back to the other house and dig out my fig and plum tree and some plant cuts. Steve, yep, you are a complex person and the pics do justice to your talents.
  14. Leisinring would jump on this....very nice, thanks for the upload.
  15. Crackaig,,that was sound advise...a few yrs. back I slipped off a rock in fast water and pounded my right knee. Remembering an article about crawling around the stream ,,etc.,,I had a vision. among other areas of construction over the last 45 yrs. I set tile,, so,, I now use the pads all the time, including a staff and cleats and I don't care about the noise, I'm safe. To go one further,, I'm pretty sure I will be purchasing a co2 vest.
  16. view the pattern info was not only a subtle piece of work, but an adventure into cyber space diversion,like whew,,I'm back finally.
  17. Hey hairwing & nick,,,the scud is goto after all else goes south. How many times I tied one on and it saved the day. Fishing on the Little Lehigh for example,,after a horde has put everything down and I scraped bottom with it and bingo. And yah,,I had those scud days, like every day it's all I fished, sometimes I said to hell with it and fished it for weeks. As for Colorado,, at the time I visited my mother-in-law in Boulder the hoppers were the hot item,,so I fished them for a week without change. I did fish scuds on the Cache la poudre and caught lots of cutts. In Boulder I fished on the StVrain.also fished Estes Lake. Something I remember from back then,, that was by the way, back in 81' somebody posted a headsup in FF'MN Mag. that he had found a fine rod & reel on streamside and if the guy who lost it would come across the post and describe the item he would gladly send it to him. In the next issue the guy notified FF'MN Mag. he got his rod back. But then what else would you expect from a brother flyfisherman. When I tied scuds I usually went to the stream with my seine, got some and examined thru the glass jar, then got out my vice and materials tied a few,then dunked em. Lots of fun times. My materials were fox belly noodled, partrige shell and tail, very fine gold wire on 14-16 heavy wire mustad hooks. Sometimes I used fine lead wire 1/32" wrapped on first for weight or split shot. I would brush out the fox belly after winding then trim sparsly. These days I use celophane in differant colors for the shell and strech skin.
  18. Hey Bugsy,,,buenos dias,,,buenos noches whatever time of day you get this,,,Yah I'm in that line of thought also...I've been on the phone with them several times ,, always left feeling right. I will go that route,,thanks.
  19. What is the price on this item?
  20. nice to meet you,, flys are magnum... I'm impressed with your coice of BL hook. I wonder why everyone has not trancended barbs. Even the trebble hook crowd.
  21. Whew....152 posts as of this am. Two of interest to me are Cliff S #134 and petegray #147.. I own 3 vises. latest is a Griffin Blackfoot and that leads me to the advice another post gave; go to a shop and try several, or join a club soon. As for the Griffin, it's ok but after using it I now realise it's limitations. Quick observation,,, I noticed the vise Nick Granato used to tie the sculpin in a vid posted on "Hatches Mag. articles"... a Griffin Mongoose w/ levered jaw. I called Griffin last wk. and they have a vice jaw upgrade which is applicable to my vice..."they said"... yah I'm a little gun shy. So a point I want to make is, if you don't care for the screw concept to tighten the jaw.....so to save a few $ the upgrade is another $50. If any of you can confirm this application.. please let me know and thanks in advance.
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