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  1. Thanks guys,,I see a light at the end of the tunnel.
  2. With all due respect, someone please explain; "An Error HasOccured" you have reached your limit of positive remarks today. Thank you guys,Tom.
  3. Tom Gibbons

    chubby fry

    Nice little fly,,it has maybe another component,,humor,,Thanks.
  4. THAT is a nice looking fly. Kirk,is that material "corsair"? I met Jack Gartside one yr. at the Somerset show and he tied a minnow using the stuff,, when I departed I had a large bag of his stuff and his books. A very creative tyer, My library is packed up in lieu of moving,so I can't reach for his books. I believe one of them is,"Flies For The Twenty First Century". I will be at Assiteague Island this coming Aug. planned to bring both 10&11wt.rods to fish surf and[ bay] from my Kayak.Any suggestions?
  5. If you use a tablesaw, Don't even consider pushing a piece of goods thru the blade without at least a push stick or other aids. So easy to be hasty,,I almost cut my left finger off three wks. ago. Almost everything in my plans is on hold for the next several months. Next time you use the saw, Pay attention and listen to that voice. Not like me.
  6. Tom Gibbons


    Hey hw,,, Hah hah,, Whew,, man that was emphatic, but have to add my little 2cts. cleaning the line all the time and greasing it every time. unless changing line is tirvial to your pockets.And of course there are the spey lines to many to list.
  7. Hey hw, I totally relate to your last line- I'm 71. As for the line info,thanks, but I'm mostly into specifics nowadays. Lately I've been searching for info regarding "weilding line". Something of ineterest I found in the "Hatches Magazine Articles" blog,sent in from "Mossy's Fly Shop" in Anchorage,AK....but thanks again,Tom.
  8. Hi Will.... This article ,,well it has depth. So I began a process of elimination, Many sites later I chatted with a Orvis rep for info about the line composition. He said,,nada, it's propietary.I mean I have SA,Airflo,Orvis,444'S and so on. The only line "Mossy" covered was an Airflo. My take on this is this is a possibly best method yet to fix loops and mend lines. But definitely thanks for posting such a timely item.
  9. Tom Gibbons

    60% Off

    To all concerned; Orvis Has a sale on lines as of this posting.
  10. This one is a killer; SX101,learn how to tie it and fish it.
  11. flyfishinjam,this was the smile my face was waiting for on this miserable day in a world of miserable people
  12. Is there any hillbillies in here from Kentucky?
  13. clearly, it is a divided country. I'm surprised your comment cleared censors. maybe send your local newspaper a copy of this. teach your kids your version of freedom& liberty.
  14. obviously a ten. a catcher.
  15. looks like gourmet tidbit,, I'm not sure of the word,,seductive maybe?
  16. I'm in accord with everyone flytire... think on this..earings,
  17. Wow.. really nice work..every one of em,and yah,there is something to say for chartreuse,eh?
  18. I read an article awhile back alluding to the appeal of blue to the fishes. anyway you guys are what keeps me up late. lykos I like those little baetis nymphs.
  19. assuming you are after a gloss finnish,try wet.n.wild "WildShine"fingernail polish.Color is "Black Creme" Say for an ant,you do a little sissor triming,tie on the foam coat it,and when dry,a coat of clear Sally Hansen "Hard as Nails"
  20. Hi rg.what you tied is my all time favorite fly. It is without a doubt a true go to fly. For a first, it's OK.Furthermore, "flytire" deserves a round of applause for his perfect direct to the Grey Ghost tutorial.Have a ball man!
  21. Hi Luke. Yah,Fort Worth...My wife and I spent 3mos in the Blue Mound,Denton co. area last July Aug&Sept. Cookin.Had hopes of gettin down to the Guadalupe or the streams in the hill country.Did'nt work out. I wish you a great life with the long rod.
  22. Hi Mike. I think based on Charlie Craven's choice of vise I to would prefer Dyna-King, I may be moved toward one. I started on a Thompson A so the affinity for lever action.
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