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  1. Hey Guys, I thought of something. When/if someone catches a fish on another's fly wouldn't it be great if they posted the pic on here or at least told about it? As soon as I can go fishing i'll take the flies and see what I can do and then post on here.
  2. I would wet the tip of the marabou so that it comes to a nice point then tie that in to the shank. You can then wind it forward while strokeing it back for hackle. Since marabou so quickly turns into a thick stem in this way you won't get into the thick stem part any further than you have to. You might also try splitting the marabou stem so that your only dealing with a 1/2 stem and one side of the marabou so it won't be so thick.
  3. Not bad at all Fishaholic. Finishing the heads are pretty difficult since the hackle is all up in the way. I've learned to tie them off one handed. What I do is hold back the hackle with my left hand then take an older bodkin I have which has a 1/2 hitch tool on the other (a plastic hollow tube) if you don't have one a drinking straw,the head of a fountain pen in which you enlarge the hole a little etc will do. W While holding back the hackle with your left hand hold the 1/2 hitch tool against the thread with your right then twist your wrist so that the thread wraps around the tube. Put the hole at the end of the tube over the eye and with a finger coax the loop off the tube and over and around the eye and cinch tight.Do this four or five times and your whip finish is done.
  4. Ummm... ok,here's another confession. Once while at the Smoky mountains I took the kids to a pay per pound Cherokee ran trout pond.These fish were used to corn and I had a hard time with my flyrod. Luckily I had a yellow sally wet fly and used that and things went much better.....wait,the yellow sally is a real fly.Whew,Oh Lord.... for a second I thought I had stooped to your level :hyst: :hyst: Lol,hey,it's still a fly and you matched the hatch! :headbang: :headbang:
  5. Hi everyone, I went to the post office..... and THERE IT WAS! I couldn't wait to open it and opened it while still at the post office. An awesome set of flies. :headbang: :headbang: I was really immpressed with some of the unique patterns that were tied and can't wait to try them. Not only trout some of them look like they will be deadly on bream as well. Thanks to everyone,this was a fun swap and I can't wait to join another one. RRSS,thanks for sending the fly box back but you could have kept it. Oh,and how does it traditionally work in fly swaps?Do I owe you some postage for mailing the flies back?
  6. Yesssssss! I've been looking forward to this day.I can't wait to see what everyone has done! :yahoo:
  7. Great pictures,I wish I could take pictures like that.And your kids are beautiful.Hahaha,I can tell,your son will be putting shaving cream on your face then tickleing your nose while your asleep when he gets a little older.You can just tell he loves to have fun.
  8. not bad for a first attempt. Were you trying to tie any particular pattern or did you go with one of your own?
  9. Lol Chris, This was my first swap so I didn't know. I was thinking that since we all knew what the others were contributeing it wasn't needed.I didn't know they did that every time.I will next time though. And RRSS... thanks for takeing up my slack! :headbang: I can't wait to check out everyone else's stuff.As many years as i've tied and as many flies as i've tied it's been only rarely that i've seen other peoples work other than in books or pictures because of where I live so this will be a treat.And then all i've seen is the overseas stuff fly shops have in what few shops i've been in.
  10. Hi Everyone, Yesterday I got a new fly box....the black walnut wheatly box from Orvis... name engraved on it and everything..... sweeeett! Best of all my wife never saw me get it hehe... Anyway,I was looking form some new stuff to fill it with for this spring and came across the pattern for this nymph. It's called the Universal nymph and I think it will live up to it's name,it's a killer looking bug. Here's the link to check it out.. Universal nymph
  11. Hey Fishaholic, I was about to fill a new fly box with some flies for spring and was searching for new ideas.I came across this fly that's called the Universal fly because it's a general imitation of a lot of different nymphs and it uses hare's ear. I really like the look of this fly and i'm gonna give it a try. Here's a link... http://globalflyfisher.com/patterns/universal/
  12. Sorry RRSS, I didn't do it cause I didn't tie any toes on them :hyst: I didn't know you did that with every swap,I thought it was only when specified. I'll remember next time.
  13. That's a great looking fly.Would you mind provideing the recipe for it? It looks like a real fish getter.
  14. Freddy, I just thought of something else... poly yarn... you can pick it up at any walmart makes pretty good calf sub as well esp for wings.
  15. Thanks slate,many of those are ones I do carry but some I don't and i'll make some up and add to the box.I also looked up a hatch chart for the smokies that should help.
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