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  1. Anyone remember the video for this pattern? Specifically, what was the Willie Nelson song played in the background? I can't remember the name, and can't find it in any Willie song lists. There is a link to the video in the hatches website, but the link is dead.
  2. I finally found the reference I had been looking for. This fly imitates the Crane Fly larvae, patterned by Dover England while fishing for trout in Beaver Dam Falls. A school of trout nosing around the bottom refused everything he threw at them, so he scooped up the silty bottom to see what they were grunging for and found these.
  3. Hey Steve, when loading your material into the dubbing loop, instead of using the side of your finger, try this. Use a wide binder clip, I have one that is two inches wide and clamps down nice and tight. Not so much contorting. I use this for my Murray's Mad Toms.
  4. The best way to ruin a hobby is to make it a career.
  5. Legs not needed, they crap themselves when they see it now. I got some seriously violent hits, never even thought about setting the hook.
  6. I figured it out, by asking the extremely helpful associate, Tom at Orvis. Go figure. Never expected him to give up a trade secret, but offered it to me along with tying tips. Yes, it is a wire-wrapped shank covered with fl. orange thread, then a peach or reddish maribou tail with a strand of crystal flash, and a palmered peach estaz body leading to a brss cone head. Tom says his manufacturer rams the wire up to the conehead to lock it down, but the original design by Mr. Dover left it loose enough so that the cone could spin freely on the shank. Also, the estaz has a direction to it, when you palmer it, make sure the fibers are laying back toward the hook end. Also, mash that barb, cause the perch are gonna swallow that thing.
  7. I got two of these at the local Orvis in Roanoke, read about them in Beau Beasely's Fly Fishing in VA book, and tried them out on the Upper James River in Buchanan. Freaking Awesome! Everything was hitting it. Smallies, redeye, sunfish, even carp were takking a swing at it. I have one left, and I can't bring myself to disect it to see its innards. Anyone have a pattern for this? John H Rocky Mount, VA
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