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  1. that is a nice streamer what did you use for the body
  2. willowhead, thanks for the great tips about the usual and i will keep them in mind. and i will put that event in my phone so i can maybe go. thanks josh
  3. what kind of body material is that
  4. flys look real to me great job
  5. that is incredible fly what did you use for the entenaus
  6. thats a great fly and i wish that i could tie that, what did you use for the body.
  7. i have been tying since 2006 on my b day and i wish i found out about fly fishing when i was a younger. I have so much fun trying to learn new patterns and new knots. watching the fish hit you fly that you tied and having fun with my fishing buddies. josh
  8. i just learned how to tie the usual and i cant wait to use it in the spring. there is nothing like catching a fish on a fly that you just learned. April 1 is not coming fast enough. hope all you fly fishers have a good year. JOSH
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