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  1. I tried to post some new things on my blog and i keep getting errors popping up. Media won't up load, can't get the main page to load(Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting T_STRING or T_VARIABLE or T_NUM_STRING in /home/hatches/public_html/blogs/wp-config.php on line 134) this is the latest error to come up but have no idea what it means any help would be great.
  2. Hi Ridleyffo The water boatman works great on a lot of the lake's around here,I fish them on either a sink tip line or a full sink.The legs on the boatman are green stretch floss,when you rap the body material from front to back and then back to the hook eye, tie off the shell back and finish the fly.Then all you have to do is thread the floss through the body using a needle it works great and is fast to tie.The body material on the cased caddis are body feathers from a hen pheasant, they are tied in by the tips and wound forward. It took about three to four feathers to do the body,once you get the lenght of the body you wont just trim to shape.
  3. This week I have been tying a few different things Water boatman,cased caddis pupa,red back pheasant.
  4. I just sent my flys out today(air mail ), so they should be there in a few days hopefully.
  5. I just got these a little while a go and they seem to hold a lot of flys with out crushing them all.they are made by springbrook and sell for around 20 bucks here in Canada but you could probably find them cheaper on the web.Here are some pic's
  6. Hello Frogfish glade to here that your coming up my way, some website's to check out are hellobc.com it has some good information on fishing and camping all over B.C .One other site to check out is gofishbc.com it has a lot of information on fishing the lakes and rivers here, it also has the cost break downs for licences for non residents for lakes and rivers.If I can help in any way let me know I would be glade to help.
  7. Very nice fly, I think I'll be adding some of those fly's to my box.
  8. Welcome back, hope you and your wife are doing better now.
  9. WOW rocky those fly's are awesome,were do you get your hooks from I would love to try some of those patterns.
  10. Thanks for the compliments E.Oregon Midge and that is one awesome tie,what's the name of the fly.And Brian that Guinea Queen looks so cool.
  11. I've been working on quill nymph patterns the last few days and here they are.
  12. Most of the time I fish nymphs and wooly buggers but there is nothing like taking a trout on a dry fly.
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