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  1. I am sure they will appreciate this very much. I spent my 1990 christmas in the Middle East and I assure you it was very dishearting. I appreciate everything those boys are doing over there. Please leave me a message containing the address.
  2. I bought a William and Joseph double front pack. I couldn't wear the chest back because it got in the way of me fighting fish. Well, I guess I had a choice, buy the double pack that goes one each side of my trim belly, or have the chest pack get in the way becuz my belly pushed it out to far and I couldn't fight fish properly. When you have a beer belly the chest pack just might get in the way.
  3. Geez, that exactly how I fish for them also. I'm just glad to see that I'm doing it the right way.
  4. I don't think camo waders really make a difference, just so they're an earthtone. I do think that a camo jacket does help by breaking up your pattern. I wear green or brown waders and then a camo t shirt or jacket. Just my 2 pennies.
  5. I like that! Think I'll whip a few of those up! Very nice fly!
  6. QUOTE (Steelheader69 @ Oct 12 2004, 02:30 PM) Here's a link to my woven bodied nymph. Has the Kreinek top, but a uniyarn bottom (I triple up the uniyarn since it's weaker). Steelhead nymph Tie one of these up with same shell backing, but a brownish bottom. How'd you braid that? Do you have some instructions already typed up that you can paste for me? Thanks in advance
  7. Did some fishing at Elk today. I caught the big 0, yep the Goose Egg. Here is the report. Elk is looking better than a couple of days ago. Its up a few inches and has some color in it. It was also very windy out, VERY! Erie county is calling for thunderstorms tomorrow, so if your going to Erie dress warm. Not a whole bunch of people catching anything though. The only people I saw catching anything were some kids standing in a hole down by the Elk Creek access area and my father. Yep, he was standing 10 feet away from me and was just slaying them and I couldn't even get one to look at mine. It was quite a humbling experience to say the least. Hope to see ya'll on the creeks.
  8. QUOTE (flyingcrayfish @ Oct 16 2004, 06:16 AM) Is the yarn or anton on each or either side of the crystal flash or is the yarn over the center and the crystal flash pulled over top of it???? how about aclose up for those how have a hard time to see??? yup yur right the eyes make it look like salmon eye candy, Not that it dosent look good but I ment bead chain keys Like a bead key chain. still look good. It's just regular yarn. The flash is pulled over the yarn and tied down then whipped. I will tie them with bead chain and post it for you. I will take some close up pics also. Thanks for the suggestion. Much apprciated. My goal is to find the fly that the steelhead will swim one mile up creek just for a crack at it. hehehehehehe!!!!
  9. I'll keep this mind for the slow afternoon tomorrow. Thanks!
  10. Here are the Baby Dolls with eyes I said I would tie. They really do look different but I do think they will be a killer Steelhead Fly.
  11. I appreciate all the responses! You all have shown me the flaw in my thinking. Thanks,
  12. QUOTE (OSD @ Oct 13 2004, 08:18 PM) Qustion Do Dogs feel pain when you have them fixed OSD. No that would be frustration!
  13. Big discussion at work for the past week. Do fish feel pain? I think they do but maybe I'm just being a dumb a$$ about it.
  14. I've been tying for less than a year, started tying on January 12th 2004.
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