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  1. Got package in hand waiting for Christmas if I was a 6 week old puppy my tail would be going 90 MPH
  2. Best swap I have ever been in hands down. Great job bentflyrod.
  3. My box is ready, need address to send too. This was fun it was hard to pick out what to tie and send.
  4. I just got mine back in the mail I put the wrong zip I put 75229 I see it should have been 75228 In the mail tomorrow with 2 day or next day if I can get it. Sorry my miss reading. Kenn
  5. I'm in, think I will go with flies I fish. Try to pm you. This could be fun, a lot of fun.
  6. Yes, that is a soap dish. 3 sets one is just pink with silver rib and silver badger collar, I think it should get it's share of blue gills.
  7. Good job I like scuds, like to tie them and like fishing them.
  8. I like your pick, a lot of flash. Yes that will get them every time or ant how your fair share
  9. I put 3 sets in the mail the other day you should get them this week. You may keep the soap dish I sent them in. Kenn
  10. I got 14 mickey finn done and will do 14 peacock and black Thank you for letting me be a part of this. your Olefish
  11. I will send you 14 flies give my an address ----- Olefish
  12. Done I will get them in the mail first chance I get. Olefish
  13. I put mine in the mail you should have them by now or the next day or so. Thank you for haveing me. Olefish
  14. Iam done will put them in the mail Mon. or Tue. Thank you for haveing me. Olefish
  15. I am in if you will have me. I will do a fullback, I use it on the Mad River here in Ohio, mostly for brown trout, there are some rainbows in it but mostly browns.
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