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  1. If there was ever a time for Bear Grylls-type fish wrangling, you just witnessed it.
  2. Sweet! I bet that thing would hurt to get hit in the head with. Chuck and duck. Not that thats ever happened to me :shifty:
  3. I have seen some people leave the tag end of the thread on after they tie it on, and then use that as a ribbing.
  4. Is the third one a mugly caddis? I love the flies. Great work.
  5. Nice! This morning i could only get out a couple green weenies and some san juans before i gave into hunger and went and ate.
  6. I shudder to think of what my second fly looked like. Great job! I like it.
  7. Its really really thin. It has really good motion too. I have only got to tie like one fly with them, as this is finals week. As soon as this week is over, I'll really start to tie with them.
  8. Ill be sure to get some pics up once I get back to the vise. I've been out of town to visit some family but I get back today. Ill hit the vise up and and see what I can up with.
  9. Has anyone ever used them? I picked up a couple packs of them on a whim at Bass Pro, and I was just wondering if anyone had ever used them. I was thinking they would make a good leech pattern, or maybe even a version of a soft-plastic worm.
  10. Random question: What kind of fish is that in your avatar?
  11. I like it. It reminds me of a muddler.
  12. Hello, I am not by any means a coldwater fisherman, nor do I know what a caenis is. But from your model, would this work? The Traffic Jam It was designed for a trico cluster. But it might work?
  13. Oh, yeah. I know what you meant. My main rod for bass is an 8 weight. Every once in a while though, I'll break out the 4 weight. Yeah the casting with the four weight...not so good. I can rocket my 8 weight and get them out of the thick stuff. But with the four weight. Not so much.
  14. Heck, I've fished a 4 weight for bass before.
  15. When I fish warmwater in general, I just use a 6-8 foot piece of 8 or 10 pound mono for bass or 4 pound for bream. In my opinion, leaders and tippets cause ME too many knot failures. Every one is different though.
  16. Were you going for it to look like a rainbow? With the pink in the sides? Anyways, Great fly!!
  17. I fish a kayak, just simply because that is what I have. I would love to have a real nice canoe, but seeing as I'm 16 and have no job, I don't think that that is realistic.
  18. I am not too informed on the drum. But, if I am not mistaken, drum eat baitfish? Try some clousers. OR some wooly buggers. Can't go wrong with those. Tie up a good selection of colors, too.
  19. *Cough* 5'8" *Cough* 220. But I play center, so its good.
  20. That is quite inte :poop: resting place for it.
  21. I ended up not going today, my friend backed out and I did not feel comfortable hiking 5 miles back to it alone. But thanks for all of the suggestions and tips. I will be filling a box for the next time we go.
  22. Me and my friend were hiking and we found a creek that is maybe bout 30-40 feet across and so we started to fish it. We had our spining rods and caught a bunch of 1/2 to 1 1/2 lb. smallies, pretty as they could be. We only had our spinning rods and we caught them on some white roostertails. I think we are going back tomorrow or sunday. So what I want to know is what flies I need to catch some smallies out of there? Poppers? Buggers? What? And how should we fish them? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  23. Me and my friend are heading out in the morning bright and early before they cut the generators on, and I am going to bring my fly rod to target trout for the first time. Basically I wanted to know what to tie for the morning. I need something easy to cast on a 4 weight and easy to fish for a beginner. Also, what do I need as far as leaders/tippets (what sizes?) and what techniques do I need to know? Thanks, Clay
  24. Okay, so I have never used a wooly bugger :shocking: and I am finally gonna give in and tie a bunch up in sizes 6,8, and 10 for smallies and trout. I was wondering what is your favorite hackle for the wooly bugger?
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