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  1. It is actually an Australian Bass. Not a bad size for around here. They do grow to around 60cm+.
  2. Great poppers. They are just amazing!!! You have inspired me to try one myself. I have shaped my head out of cork, and was wondering if you paint the head before you insert the hook? And also, how do you insert the hook? I was thinking of cutting a slit in the bottom, but then I would have to fill it up with some sort of filler material. If i did it this way I would have to paint when the hook is inserted, Thanks for any advise Cheers Mick I will post some pics when I get my popper finished
  3. Thanks guys. They are good looking flies. I am looking for something that will swim just under the surface. I only want it to be a small frog as where I fish the frogs are only about 1inch long. Yea our bass do grow quite big over here. My son caught his first bass two weeks ago ( not on fly ) and it was 41cm to the fork. Great fighters!!!
  4. Hi all. I was wondering if anyone has a recepie for a frog pattern to catch bass. Ive looked around and cant seem to find anything I like. The bass I am chasin are the Australian Bass. Cheers for any help Mick
  5. Thanx Taxon. Thats a great help. What about in the middle of winter? Or is it too cold . Im going to fish fairly hard this winter, so I really want to be ready. Thanx
  6. Hi everyone Im new here and quite new to fly fishing and tying as well. I was just wondering, it is coming into winter here in oz in a few months so would anyone have an idea of what insect life would be around our lakes?? I would like to know as to which flys to use? may be a silly question, but as I said I am a newby Thanx
  7. Thanx mate. Im going to a new tackle shop in the morning, so I'll see if I can get a leader there. Do you tie your own loops?? Or do you buy line and leaders with loops on them?? Sorry for the silly questions. I am a mad lure and bait fisherman, have been since I was about 5. I have had my fly rod for about 5 years but it was put in the cubboard when I couldnt use it. Now I can use it to a fair standard, its time to go fishing!!!!!
  8. hi everyone. Im new here, and new to fly fishing and tying. Just a question on leaders, can I use just normal 2kg flourocarbon line as a leader, or does it have to be a tapered leader? And what kind of knot would you recomend for attaching the leader to the fly line? Any help really appreciated. Great site. keep up the great work.
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