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  1. This is an awesome feature!! Extremely helpful!! Thanks!!
  2. That thing is sick. Very cool!
  3. Yeah there is red in the tail, but I said I tied the wing to long so its not visible.
  4. I think the wing's a bit long though. Should be able to see the tail at the end of the wing. I'll give it another go tomorrow.
  5. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by snboggs: Joe's Smelt
  6. Here are some... http://www.clouserflyfishing.com/clezfocy.html
  7. Thanks guys, I thought Turkey Flats as well but wasn't sure and didn't know what to do with them.
  8. A few years back when I first started tying, I acquired a bunch of different things from a co worker of my father's. Included in the stuff were these feathers. They are strung together and the picture shows the bunch as well as an individual feather. Anybody know what these are and what to use them for? The bottom bit looks like good marabou like material, not sure about the tops, they're stiffer. Thanks for any insight.
  9. I've got a video in which Lefty Kreh suggests separating bucktails to obtain two pieces of colored and a piece of brown. He suggest cutting the hide along the dark spot on the back. I tried this and lost alot of hair and did not get clean pieces. Does anyone else do this and know of a good way to get clean pieces with minimal loss of hair?? Thanks.
  10. Thanks for posting the link. It helped alot. Still kinda confused though. Perhaps I'm a lost cause...
  11. I think that'll work. Thanks! Now, if I only had some wood duck flanks... I suppose I could try it without...
  12. Whatever works for you. I've never used the Virtual Classroom, but I'm sure I could figure it out. I've read about it. I don't have a microphone, does this matter except that I can't pose any questions? :dunno:
  13. Ok. so I've never used alot of hackle in my tying but I'm starting to explore it and I'm rather overwhelmed by it all. Whats the difference in everything? Rooster vs. Hen. Cape, Neck, Saddle. What does it all mean. Anyone willing to offer a crash course in feathers or point me in the direction of someone who's already done this? Thanks!
  14. I think I got it. How far up the shank are the grizzlies tied? It looks to me like the marabou and mallard are both tied in near the eye, but I can't tell about the tails because of the collar. Any chance I could twist your arm into doing a step-by-step? Pleeease?
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