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  1. mine is set up,, will experiment later today,, thanks coinman
  2. the only cat ive ever caught was on a wolly bugger
  3. id like to try the white ones here in the texas flats,,,, maybe a little larger version though tom
  4. wow incredible story thanks for sharing tom
  5. Convinced me fellows I'll stop by the shop and see whats available this weekend. As for questions,, don't appologize,, thats what these forums are designed for. tight lines. tom magnolia tx
  6. heading down to rockport tx. thinking about trying a shooting head line to see if it helps me in the wind, and maybe get a little more distance. do you have any opinions? worth the money or waste? tom
  7. AWSUM,,, This is a fantastic group. My congratulations to you all, and my thanks for the inspirations. tom
  8. John also check www.texaskayakfisherman.com flyfishing forums. i believe they also have flytyers there. tom
  9. outstanding project. count me in also. i'll get right on it. it also gives me a "kitchen pass" to hit the local flyshop. hee hee tom
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