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  1. Hi guys, very good new rib material for nymphs (lake and river flies), buzzer, hares ear, pheasant tail ... His name is: Synthetic Quill Body (not Body Quill from Hends Product). These are the best colors: Graphite, Peal and Pearl-Rosy. You can buy this product here: http://www.performanceflies.com/ This fly rib: pearl comments welcome Cheers Peter
  2. My interest is piqued, I have all sorts of ideas for these. A question though, for those who use them. About the jig hooks, are there any sold with the weight attached already, or is it their "jig hook" with a bead added before tying?? I did a quick search and the only ones I found were just plain hooks. Thanks. Yes guys, these hooks are very goood. They are not sold with weight attached. Its only illustration. For the U.S. market you can buy here: http://www.performanceflies.com/ Last year my team Ruzomberok placed third place in first league for full year. With these hooks, of course !!! For further questions please send me a PM
  3. ... very gooood wet fly for river and lake also ... comments welcome Cheers
  4. Hi guys, only tested my new wild hamster dubbing: its very similar to my fly: MF & PD Hare's Ear comments welcome Cheers Peter
  5. Hi Firetiger, very nice fly and tying !!! Peter
  6. Hi guys, very good lake fly !!! Peter
  7. Thanks Will for your TIME , very good WORK !!! Thanks to all voters and tiers !!!! Congratulations to all the other winners !!! :headbang: :yahoo: :yahoo: :headbang: Peter
  8. Hi all, Thank you very much for your hard work Will and all fly tiers !!! Congratulations to all !!! :headbang: :yahoo: Peter
  9. Hi Firetiger, superb fly !!! :headbang: Peter
  10. Hi Kevin, Supeb flies, tying, ...... Thanks for sharing ! Happy Birthday !!! Peter
  11. Hi Soft-hackle, very nice fly and tying. Peter
  12. Thanks , Soft-hackle ... Peter
  13. Thanks, Micke, Mr.K, Firetiger, Soft-hackle. Pozdravujem Prahu ... Peter
  14. Hi Micke, thanks for your compliment ... Peter
  15. Hi guys, Material List: Hook: DOHIKU 301 no.14 Thread: FLY DK-80 Brown Tail: Crystal Flash-Light Orange Abdomen: CDC Natural Wing: CDC Natural Head: Thread UTC-70 Red Peter
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