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  1. Well, I got an idea or two. My dad gave me this here trunk or whatever you want to call it. He used it for making wood arrows, which is what I WAS going to use it for. But since I use my actual workbench for arrows, I could use this for fly tying... Or, I could use my good old workbench and these drawers that aren't being used for anything necessary right now. Decisions, decisions...
  2. Nice stuff fellas. Thanks again. I've got an idea or two and will post some pics when I get set up.
  3. WHOA!! You're my hero Oatka! Very cool collection! Like your workspace too mtbbrian. Oatka will have to add that to his compilation of pics.
  4. Anyone have pictures of their fly tying workspace/bench? I'm going to give this fly tying stuff a shot and was wondering how everyone organizes their tools, materials, etc. Thanks in advance! -Jameson
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