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  1. Nick, I own both models, and the specs on the adapter for the smaller light are the same as what you listed. I'm trying to find the adapter for the larger model to make a comparison, but it's been misplaced in our recent move. I'll look for it tonight. The model number of the adapter for the small light is SW-1215W, and the specs can be confirmed at the manufacturers site (http://www.phcenterprise.com/adaptor.html). I haven't traveled internationally much, but the adapter has the input rating of 100-240V, should a outlet adapter work instead of purchasing a whole new adapter? Pete and other Bright Light owners, I had the same problem with my Bright Light (getting way too hot), I found that if you replaced the light with a 5 W halogen it dropped the heat down considerably in both the light and the adapter. The light output was still more than enough. Jason
  2. Great looking fly. What's the name of the weave pattern you used? Thanks, Jason
  3. For wholesale, you can could contact Hareline Dubbin to see if you qualify for an account. They stock Super Hair. Jason
  4. Martie, Welcome to FTF. Clever idea, the Wobble Fly. There was some original discussion on another post about how much the blade effects casting, could you provide a little insight on this? Thanks, Jason
  5. I'll go for one L/XL in Olive, if olive is gone then Brown. Thanks, Jason
  6. Also, does anybody know if there is a shop in the US that might actually stock this magazine? Jason
  7. Oh but wait. There's another one for sale here on our side of the ocean. eBay LAW Vice
  8. Old Hat, Great pattern. Those beads are perfect for that nymph. Can you provide the specifics of the bead? Jason
  9. Bummer...I really would like to get my hands on some of that blue dun yarn. Well, I gues the search continues. Jason
  10. Smallie, What's your source for the yarn? Jason
  11. I have to agree with Rick (Rp3flyfisher), I hate tying dry flies. Not sure why, I think it has something to do with the cost of dry fly hackle when I first started. I could only afford to tie nymphs and streamer and kept with that. I love to tie soft hackles (like Old Hat), something amazing about the effectiveness of simplicity. Jason
  12. It's both of those links that got me started on this search. In the videos he makes reference to Davy's article, I'm trying to get back to the original reference. Just doing some research and got stuck. Jason
  13. I'm in. Pattern: TBD This should be fun, I'm surprised there isn't more interest. Jason
  14. I found a reference and video that mentioned an article by Davy Wotton about tying woven flies with bobbins. Does anybody know where the article is available? I'm not sure if the article is online or printed. Thanks, Jason
  15. I'm in. Pattern: Bottom Crawler Hook: 90* Jason
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