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  1. Thanks Rick, I appreciate you!
  2. Thanks Mikemac1, that is EXACTLY what I want! Thanks so much! I really appreciate you!
  3. Skeet, No they don't the pictures I had seen are round, I'm not that picky and I don't think the fish will care! Thanks for your suggestion!
  4. Thanks guys, neither are options I had thought of, appreciated!
  5. I can't find any supplier that carries a LARGE round rubber leg. I want the stiff type for my poppers and other surface flies! A lot of sites show flies with this type of rubber legs on various flies and I know they are out there, I just can't find any! I appreciate your time! Thanks!
  6. Well does she let you rub her bottom off and dry it for her? Enquiring minds just have to ask? the serious questions!
  7. WOW Silver Creek, it appears I have some tying to do. I only have 2 boxes now. I'm ashamed to call myself a fly tier! I salute you Sir, I AM IMPRESSED!
  8. WOW! She is lovely, but a child! My dreams are older! Enjoy all those years you have to enjoy tying and loving each other! Blessings!
  9. Thanks MikeMac1! I envy you! WOW 60 yrs of bliss! I wish I had that many years, I'm only 73!
  10. Gosh, you sure eat good! Would you like to adopt me? We could tie all the time!
  11. I thought it was ILLEGAL everywhere! If not, it should be!
  12. Thanks for the Stimulator link MikeMac!
  13. Great tie. Is it a bug you made up, or does it have a name or recipe? That sucker looks like it will fish and catch! Thanks for posting!
  14. Thanks Mike! I appreciate you!
  15. Thanks flytire! I appreciate you!
  16. I dearly love your state! SO MUCH history! Contact me some time! I understand that gettin' old crap! I thought retiring was going to be fun, mean joke!
  17. Thanks Silver Creek! I appreciate you.
  18. Where do you guys find all the colors? Thanks!
  19. I really envy you guys with BASEMENTS! We don't have basements in Texas and even worse, I live in an apartment! I know the Bible tells us to NOT envy, but I can't help envying those with basements! I hope it's not a serious envy!
  20. Dave that's awesome! Sorry, I hadn't made the connection! I started tying 16 yrs ago when my wife had a very rare and aggressive cancer! Tying kept me sane and got me through her terrible illness. I did lose her, but again Tying got me through it! Then a few years ago my health went very far south, I sold all my fly gear including tying stuff! Now I'm just getting back into both fishing and tying! I have most of my fishing stuff, now I'm trying to get all my tying stuff back! I guess that's why I envy all your tying materials and tying area! I decided even if I can't fish I can tie! I NEED that so much! Dave many tight lines! Stay warm and safe! Btw, where is your Home Waters?
  21. I use the same carousel you use! It works great!
  22. I love your fur buddy! Seems like he loves his Daddy!
  23. Hi Guest! You have more stuff than most fly shops! It would be nice for you to join us so we could get to know you and enjoy your posts more! You apparently like, use and enjoy tying more than most of us anyway! Many tight lines! Be safe and stay warm!
  24. Hi MikeMac! Nice storage system you've worked out. What vise are you tying on? I first thought it was a peak, but then I knew it wasn't!
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