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  1. Copies of the book selling for $10 + $3 S&H. I bought one and it's bookstore fresh. Nothing in it for me, just passing along a good deal. http://www.ebay.com/itm/161227428392?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  2. Sixth Finger scissors get my vote.
  3. My bugs arrived a couple of days ago. Super work by a crew of talented tiers!! Thanks again for hosting Joe!!
  4. Your a very luck boy! Had you attempted to fire after that squib shot you'd have definitely at minimum had a bulge. I used to hunt ducks with my own reloads and had a squib now and then. I quickly learned to always check the barrel before the next shot and added a cleaning rod to my gear. Now go get some ringnecks!!
  5. bigdewy


    Deadly looking flies!!
  6. My package of peacock goodness arrived yesterday!! Gonna be some sore-mouthed bows with these great flies! Thanks again for hosting Shmang!!
  7. Merry Christmas to all my FTF buds!!
  8. Yes Bob, it's a Medalist 1494½. I love fishing with a Medalist and have been lucky enough to snap up quite a few over the years. They are hard to beat in my book.
  9. Albino Wino Midges are the hands of the USPS. Thanks again for hosting this swap Joe!!
  10. Glad they made the trip in one piece Matt. Thanks for the kind words about my flies. This pattern is a definite must for Great Basin and Sierra stillwaters in my book. Sheep Creek Special Strikes Again Thanks again for hosting Matt!!!
  11. Mine are tagged & bagged and headed to the USPS today! Thanks again for hosting Matt, you can never get too much peacock!!
  12. I'm in with a Pyramid Lake favorite, #12 Albino Wino Midge.
  13. I think that's actually a grouse, maybe sharptail or prairie chicken skin.
  14. NIce fish Rainbow27! My numero uno nymph has got to be the Pheasant Tail.
  15. Flies arrived yesterday in The Biggest Little City! Lots of very talented tiers in this group! I know some Sierra Bows are going to be feeling the sting from these PTs next spring. Thanks again for hosting Tony and thanks for the extras; Really great work!! Sorry about the postage, I was sure I'd put enough on that SASE.
  16. Great looking fly and super quality photo! Thanks for sharing flytire!!
  17. Tony, Thanks again for hosting this swap!! I've got Alice's Restaurant on an 8 Track Tape, sadly no player!!
  18. I bought a bag of his chickabou with my last order and it was definitely worth the money; A lot of bou for a little cash!!
  19. That fly would definitely rip some lips here in the Sierras. Very nicely done my friend!!
  20. I placed an order last winter and he called me before shipping the hackle! Like Flyunder said, it was like talking to a long-time fishing buddy!!
  21. I'm shopping for a bigger net and am looking for any opinions on rubber net bags vs. rubber coated nylon. Any thoughts, experiences, observations, etc. will be greatly appreciated.
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