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  1. I guess a guy's got to do what a guy's got to do, but it seems a little CS of you NJ to leave the rest of us hanging!!!!
  2. Oh Ya!! That has got to be a killer!!!
  3. Box #2 has been dropped off at the Post Office and will shortly be headed west to AF_Tier.
  4. Box #2 has arrived in The Biggest Little City!! I'll be forwarding it on monday or tuesday to AF_Tier and asking him to then forward it to Trez in Oregon. Lots of good stuff to choose from!! Thanks Mr. Vegas for taking this on!! U Da Man Dog!!
  5. Your in..with an AP Nymph.. Guess you are using moose all around??? :headbang: Moose & Squirrel Baby!!!
  6. I'm in with a #14 AP Nymph!! :thumbup:
  7. Better by careful; You wife might be spying on your posts!
  8. Oatka has the right idea; Give this poor misguided Lass the facts about putting chicken feathers in your hair!! And don't forget the possibility of contracting "Bird Lice" and "Avian Flu". Some of you other guys are obviously smitten by a sweet young thing named "Laura"! Get a grip boys, this is war!!!
  9. Here's to the finest Webmaster on the WWW!!! You are Mullis... Lord Of The Idiots!!
  10. I'm not sure which I luv more, the fly or the name!! Good Job My Friend!!
  11. That was quite a dress she was wearing; Hope she didn't come down with a case of "bird lice"! The take home message for me is that we shouldn't feel bad about occasionally cutting out the "Flyshop" when seeking cheaper sources of material. The "Flyshops" seem ready, willing and able to cash in on this windfall without much worry about their base; as well they should.
  12. Martin, Thanks for putting together a great Step By Step for a super fly!! Cheers, Duane
  13. Not that I think it matters to the fish, but the Allen hooks definitely look a little shorter in the photo. :thumbsup:
  14. I'd definitely go with the clasp envelope, whether padded or not is up to the individual. That way you can send it "First Class" mail which will run you around $1.50 each direction as opposed to Priority Mail which will be 3 to 4 times that amount for the exact same service. First class & Priority get the same treatment. :headbang:
  15. A little too annoying for this ole fart!!
  16. I traded in my Thompson A for a Peak and have never looked back. A great vise for the money in my humble opinion. I've never used a Griffin, so can't say anythng one way or the other about it. All I know is the Peak is sweet!!!!
  17. I can probably send you a few boxes of hooks. PM me your address and what patterns you'll be tying and I'll see what I can come up with .
  18. I'm with phg, nymph under an indicator. I use variations on the pheasant tail nymph with a slow strip retrieve. Copper Johns are another of my favs along with the hares ear. I luv it when my bobber goes under!! If you aren't already, I'd strongly recommend using flourocarbon tippets for stillwater!!
  19. Several really good vises have been recommended here. I've got to throw another vote to the Peak! I've been tying on mine for about 3 years without a single problem.
  20. That is a killer looking nymph! I'll be tying some of those this weekend!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
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