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  1. Super pictures of what has to be a killer nymph!! :headbang:
  2. Just returned from Walmart with a ten pack of double edge blades for $1.75. :thumbup: Across the street at Walgreens, they wanted $7.00 for the same thing. :thumbsdown:
  3. Very nice! I've added a dozen of them to my box!!
  4. And a Happy New Year to all my FlyTyingForum buddies!!
  5. Looks like you are giving that new Norvise a good breaking in!!! Great tying Red!!! Happy New Year
  6. Mine came yesterday!! Great looking Tees!!! Can't wait for summer to show them off!! Will, U Da Man!!!!
  7. I finally started using one about a year ago and wouldn't be without it now. I lucked out and found it at the local Goodwill store for $7.50. If something happened to it I wouldn't hesitate to pay full retail for a replacement. It took a couple dozen flies to get use to, but now it is second nature for me.
  8. I've been tying on a Peak for the past 2 years and highly recommend it. 1/0 hooks will be no problem with the standard jaws. I would recommend purchasing the D-Arm ($8.95) as an add-on. :headbang:
  9. Now that's funny; I don't care who you are!!!
  10. Check went out in today's mail. Thanks Will; U Da Man!!!
  11. Willie's Place Channel 13 XM Radio unless of course the Yankees are playing; then it's whatever channel they are on!!
  12. Keith Barton, the author of the article referenced above has a blog that is worth checking out. Keith is a master of dying and dubbing. He is also the inventor of the Sixth Finger Scissors; which are in my humble opinion, the best tying scissors ever. http://singlebarbed.com/
  13. Twist the herl around the thread and hand wrap. Never lets me down; Wish I could say the same for my casting!! :hyst:
  14. Congratulations Joe! :thumbup: You "stumbled" across the finest flytying website on the WWW!! :kicking:
  15. That Peak Vise is hard to beat in my humble opinion. Peak puts out a DVD that really helped me learn the rotary function. I'd be lost without the rotary function now!
  16. I'll take: 1 2XL Olive 1 2XL Charcoal Great looking design !!!
  17. That is one heckuva great link! :headbang: Thanks for sharing Flytire!! :yahoo:
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