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  1. Great looking fly! Welcome to the best Fly Tying site on the WWW!! What part of Idaho are you at? I spent 12 great years in southern Idaho back in the 70's/80's!
  2. Those are some good looking flies; It was a tough job voting on the best!!
  3. Mine arrived last friday. :kicking: Great work by some really talented tiers!! :bugeyes: Thanks Guys!! :thumbsup:
  4. Lionus, where do I start? Well, I was strictly looking at price, initially, as I was just getting into fly tying. Now, I'm custom tying and selling on line. The vise may have been a good starter vise, but I never even used the rotary function. The jaws, I now realize, are horrible. They don't hold a hook like higher quality vises, slipping on almost every tie. In order to get the vise to firmly hold a hook, you practically break your thumb mashing down the tensioning arm. It's poorly designed. I know everybody has an opinion, but I would seriously caution anyone considering the Peak. Rick I've tied thousands of flies from size #4 to #28 on mine and never had any problem with hooks slipping. I use the midge jaws for smaller flies, but the regular jaws work well down to #18 or #20. I don't know what the problem was, but must have been something. I'm just saying...
  5. Got mine today. :thumbup: Thanks to everyone for a super bunch of flies! :clapping: Special thanks to Big E for hosting. U Da Man!! :cheers:
  6. I use a light colored moose mane hair as a rib over the black thread. :thumbsup:
  7. Mine are all packaged up and will be in the mailbox tomorrow!! :kicking: Thanks again for hosting!!! :thumbup:
  8. #24 B&W Chironomids are done. Please send me your address. Cheers, Duane
  9. bigdewy

    College Time

    My daughter graduated from SIU. We visited there several times and really liked that area. Lots of fishing & hunting opportunities. :thumbup: If the housing market collapse hadn't occurred, I'd probably be living there now. :cry:
  10. It is one helluva great reference book!!! I wouldn't be without mine!!
  11. Thanks for sharing!! You guys rock!!
  12. I'm in. I'll have to do some thinking about the exact pattern and test my eyes as to how small I can go.
  13. Package arrived yesterday in The Biggest Little City In The World!! Man, those are some great looking flies!!
  14. I'll take one of the #2's if you have any left. Cheers, Duane Wilson 551 Tarn Way Reno, NV 89503
  15. Just finished getting mine toe-tagged and packaged up. They'll be in the mail tomorrow morning. Thanks again Eric for hosting this sweet swap!!
  16. I used to live in Reno! We used to fish in Washoe lake!!! Washoe Lake completely dried up in 2008, killing every fish in it. It had water in it all last summer so it may come back. I've been fishing Pyramid Lake at least once a week for the past 5 months. I lived here in Reno for 11 years and missed out on those big cutthroats until this year!
  17. Howdy from Nevada. I planned to move to Southern Illinois when I retired; Then the bottom dropped out of the housing market!
  18. Just what those big Pyramid Lake cutthroats will be looking for!!!
  19. My biggest fear is that on my passing, my wife sells my fishing/fly tying gear for what I told her I paid for it!
  20. I spent 4 years in Salt Lake City back in the early 90's and worked for the BLM out there on the West Desert between Tooele and Wendover. Can't say that I miss it much, but there was some great fishing east of SLC!!
  21. I'm in with a #24 beadhead chironomid.
  22. I've got that handy little chart taped up by my computer. Really comes in handy when I'm looking at beads on EBAY. No way I'm going to memorize all those numbers; Too many brain cells killed by Coors!!
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