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  1. A great looking little fly and quick to tie. I've now got a dozen #24s in my chironimid box!! Thanks Carlp & Flytire!!
  2. Magnifico!!! I'll be giving that a try!!
  3. Too late my friend!! I did check the "gift" box, but included "fishing flies" in the description!! What happens to them?
  4. Welcome aboard. I lived in Salt Lake for 4 years, but it wasn't dry enough for me so I moved to Nevada. I used to love to fish the Provo River, great fishing!!
  5. My package is in the hands of the U.S Postal Service heading for the land of Moose Drool!!! :thumbup:
  6. Finished mine today. :thumbup: Please send your address FlyTryer. :yahoo:
  7. That is a 3lb. Pyramid Lake Cutthroat that I caught on a #6 Black Wooley Bugger. Lots of big fish in that lake. I'm hoping to join the 10lb. Club soon.
  8. BassBugn, Thanks for a selection of killer flies that are too pretty to fish!! Super job my boy!!
  9. I recieved this email today, as I assume many of his customers did: I hope everyone has a wonderful, happy and safe Christmas and New Year. I greatly appreciate your business and support from each and everyone. Your busines and friendship means everything to me and my little business. I have a list of improvments I will be working hard on this coming year especially 48 hour shipping times. Being a single employee, it's been tough at times, but it is THE major goal this coming year as well as: 1) 48 hour shipping turnaround 2) New Gift Boxes at great prices 3) New products at FTD price points 4) HELP to make products 5) New production facility in the works (leaving my basement dungeon) 6) Labels on every product 7) New customers and FRIENDS!!! Thank you again for your support and I wish you well in the new year. For those waiting on orders...I am working this week and weekend on getting ALL normal orders out by next Monday thru Wednesday. The missing Canada Order...I have a new one about ready to send, had to make everything from scratch again with many extras put in for the delay. Canada orders have been having a big delay lately and I have lost a number the last few months. Enjoy the Holiday Season, your family and friends. Your friend, The Mad Scientist Fly Tyers Dungeon www.flytyersdungeon.com Sounds like he is working on getting the Canadians taken care of.
  10. Here are some pictures of the goodies in this years Xmas Box:
  11. Ya Baby!! My package arrived yesterday!! Thanks BFR for hosting; U Da Man! And thanks to BassBugn for what I'm sure will be super duper fishkiller flies!!!
  12. This is very sad news! One of the first flies I learned to tie and actually catch fish on was the Gartside Hopper! We've lost a great man. You should read his Yucatan Chicken Dinner article if it is still up on his website. A funny, funny story by a fun loving gentleman!!
  13. My box arrived today and boy was it full of great material! I don't know how that boy does it, but I'm sure glad he does?!?!
  14. I just got an email from the Mad Scientist letting me know that my Xmas Box just went out in the mail! I'll be laying in wait for Santa/mailman!!
  15. I've been ordering books from Ed Hamilton for over 20 years. Lots of great reading at a reasonable price and he doesn't screw you on shipping, just $3.50 regardless of whether it's one or one thousand books!!
  17. I'd almost guarantee that his XMAS Box will have some. He has a little bit of just about everything he sells in there! I haven't begun to make a dent in what I got last year; but that didn't stop me from ordering another box this year!! It is such a great deal, I be kicking myself in the ass if I let it slip by!!
  18. Kinda takes the fun out of this thread! When he gets wherever he's going, I hope his grandpa doesn't kick his ass for fibbing about him and those hooks!!
  19. My flies are in the mail and heading to "The Wolverine State".
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