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  1. I'll have mine done today, sooooo..... Please send an address!! Thanks for once again hosting this "Mother of all Swaps"!!
  2. Don't worry about being caught being a liar; The old guy probably just thought you are a crappy fisherman!
  3. Mine arrived today in Reno! Far and away the finest fishing related publication out there!!
  4. For whatever reason, Min sent his flies to me. Who knows? Maybe he confused this swap with one I hosted a few months back for Stillwater flies. Maybe he's hitting the Moose Drool Ale a little too much. At any rate, I'm putting them in the mail to you BigDaddyHub. Cheers, bigdewy
  5. I'm in if there is still room; 10 of my favorites!
  6. I'm in if there is still room!!
  7. I bought a Peak a year ago and have had no regrets. I got the midge jaws, but the standard jaws work for me down to #22; wish my eyes did!!!
  8. bigdewy


    Excellent as always!
  9. Must have come by dogsled!? Yep! And the poor buggers were exhausted dragging that sled in this 80° heat. :yahoo: I just sent my brother back to Reno and the month of cold and rain. It has definitely been a wet June here in the Biggest Little City! Weather was suppose to improve, but seems that now we are in for another week of below average temps and above average precip!!
  10. Sorry Big Guy! Alzheimers moment. Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most!!
  11. Here, hopefully, are some pictures of the excellent stillwater flies tied for this swap. Colonel Mel - Big Bad Bluegill Bug Min - Soft Hackle/Spider FlyFisher13 - Foam Bug Student4evr - Swimming Damsel Professori - Knouff Lake Special t5f - Olive Ray Charles Rich5665 - Purple Popper RichMC - M&M Streamer Deserttrout - Eagle Lake Chili Troll ScottieDog - Olive Woolly Worm RP3FlyFisher - UV Sparkle Leech Wellman - Chocolate & Black Diamond Dub Leach Thanks again guys & gal for all your hard work!!!
  12. Sounds good to me. Let me know next time you are going to be in town.
  13. I just got back from dropping your packages off at the Post Office. They should start landing in mailboxes all across North America in the next few days. Thanks to each of you for putting your best effort in to these super ties! Thanks also for your generosity to the Swapmeister! You 4 Canadians all sent too much money for postage. I didn't know how much it was going to be until the clerk figured it up, so I didn't include any refunds in the packages. I also didn't keep track of who sent which amount. So, let me know by PM how much you sent me and I'll forward some cash back to each of you. All twelve of you are great tiers! You guys rock! Thanks again for a swap that was smooth as a baby's behind!!
  14. To all of The Greatest Generation; Hip-Hip-Hooray!!!
  15. All of the flies have landed!! Thanks Rick for some really killer looking leeches!! I'll let you guys know when I have them sorted, packaged and on their way!!
  16. Received packages today from Min & Wellman; Both chock full of great flies which can't miss! Thanks guys for the extras!! One more package to go and they should arrive in The Biggest Little City tomorrow! I plan to sort and package them over the weekend and drop them in the mail no later than mondaybecause I'm heading to the High Sierras on tuesday to give them a workout! Thanks again to everyone who has participated in my Inaugural Swap!!
  17. Two more packages arrived today!! Thanks Rich 5665 & Student4evr for some really great looking poppers & damselflies!! I really appreciate the extras!!
  18. Olive Woolly Worms from the Big Apple arrived in my mailbox today! Thanks John for great bunch of flies and for the extra!!
  19. Postman delivered a pile of bills today and two packages full of killer flies. Deserttrout sent some tasty looking Chili Trolls and T5F shipped a pile of Olive Ray Charles!! Six down and six to go. Hopefully tomorrow's mail will be bulging with packages. Likely, some will arrive next week. Unless someone has a strong objection, I'll wait to sort and mail until the end of the week.
  20. RP3FlyFisher PM'd me yesterday; Everyone has checked in and all flies are here, on the way, or will be shortly. Rick, don't know how I missed your PM. Must be old age settling in! Thanks Deserttrout for the update; I'm guessing that the mailman will be busy tomorrow and Saturday!
  21. I've received updates from everyone except RP3FlyFisher.
  22. Thanks for the updates guys! I know just the lake where I'll be getting that damselfly wet!!
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