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  1. This is the Ghost of Rich5665... Just Kidding. The paint was still drying on a couple of the poppers. Sorry for the delay, they will be in the mail tomorrow Thanks Rich!
  2. Wellman & ScottieDog, Thanks for the updates! I'll be watching for the postman!!
  3. Received 2 packages in today's mail chock full of really killer flies! Thanks RichMC & Professori !!
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  5. Hey Big D Almost done. Will mail Next Wed. at the latest. Now these flys look puffy until they get wet and then they imitate chubs or minnows. Sorry for being slow but am still recoviering from Rotor cuff surgery from JAN. It is a trip tying with only one good hand and a finger. These flys are Trolled at least 25-50 yards behind the boat at 1/2MPH. Move your rod in slow figure eight patterns. Tried them out at Davis yesterday and did real well for not knowing the lake. CandR'd over 10 smaller (12=14") and one 3-4lber. I use a 5w St Croix and a St Croix 9' UL Salmon rod with leadcore to get the fly deep. Also use a plastic disc that eliminates having to move the rod as it makes the fly wobble and weave. Heading for Eagle Lake Friday Am and will return Tuesday or Wed. Going to "ruff" it in a 2 bdrm cabin with kitchen, micro, disc TV, cleaning table, Hope to get some pictures for the forum and swappers. Tightlines Jim Thanks Jim for the status report and for the info on Davis Lake. Any damselflies hatching up there yet? Good luck up at Eagle Lake!!
  6. Duane Wilson 551 Tarn Way Reno, Nevada 89503
  7. Diabolically simple and a super looking fly!!
  8. 2 weeks left; Can I get a progress report from the ten tiers who have not yet sent their flies?
  9. Flies arrived in Reno yesterday!! Thanks to everyone for a box of trout slayers!! Thanks to our resident Cajun for hosting this great swap!!
  10. I love that :poop: icon! It really makes a statement!!
  11. I'd like a little bit of Faith!!
  12. Got a nice package full of killer looking flies today from ColonelMel! Thanks for the special one for the old Swapmeister. I hope that your parrot has healed up!! Your toetags are the nicest I've ever seen. No wonder you made Colonel!!
  13. Go to this website, they have a bunch of great ones: http://www.pic4ever.com/index.htm
  14. Thanks for hosting a super swap Bud! Summer is coming on and those flies need to feel fishlips!!
  15. Received nice package of awesome flies from Flyfisher13 today!!!
  16. Thanks for the "heads up" FF13! I'll be watching my mailbox!!
  17. Now that's what I'm talking about!!
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