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  1. Sorry BigDaddy! Didn't intend it to be a slam against WV, just poachers and wimpy judges!
  2. Thanks t5f for filling the final slot! Everyong please send your flies along with SASE to: Duane Wilson 551 Tarn Way Reno, Nevada 89503 Due Date to Reno is May 30. Thanks Again to everyone for signing up for this swap!!
  3. Thanks Professori & Student4evr for coming aboard. One spot left; going, going....
  4. Thanks to RichMC, Rich5665, and ScottieDog for signing on! ColonelMel, We'll all be looking forward to the Big Bad Bluegill Bug!! Only 3 spots left; Don't miss out on adding to your stillwater flybox.
  5. Only seven spots left. Buggers, Leaches, Streamers, Nymphs; Whatever works for you on your favorite pond!
  6. Deserttrout, Thanks for signing on!!
  7. FF13, Whatever stillwater pattern you fish, warmwater or cold.
  8. There is still room for 9 more tiers! There must be more than 4 guys out there who fish stillwater.
  9. What a bunch of :poop: ! Those boys need a good old fashion "tuneup"! Guess the Magistrate was a relative; Probably one of those family trees without any branches!!
  10. Great looking fly!! What is the Serbian word for "Shit", or is that a Serbian word? :poop:
  11. Ice is almost gone on most Sierra lakes and reservoirs and my float tube is calling, so I thought I'd try to host my first swap. Tie a dozen of whatever is your favorite lake/reservoir pattern. Due date is Saturday May 30. First 12 tiers who respond are in. 1. Bigdewy - #12 Sheep Creek Special 2. Wellman - Chocolate & Black Diamond Dub Leach - Received 3. ColonelMel - Colonel Mel's Big Bad Bluegill Bug- Received 4. Min - SoftHackle/Spider Received 5. Deserttrout - Eagle Lake Chili Troll - Received 6. FlyFisher13 - Foam Bug - Received 7. RP3FlyFisher - Bead head UV sparkle leeches - Received 8. RichMC - M&M Streamer - Received 9. Rich5665 - Purple Poppers - Received 10. ScottieDog - Olive Woolly Worm - Received 11. Professori - Knouff Lake Special - Received 12. Student4evr - Swimming Damsel - Received 13. t5f - Olive Ray Charles - Received Cheers, Bigdewy
  12. quote] While you may misplace your tool countless times, you'll always know where your hand is. But that's another story....
  13. Nice job! Bring on the Cocktail Sauce!!
  14. Midges arrived here in Reno today. I have to agree with Saltydog; These are really super ties!! I luv you guys!! Student4evr, you are my hero!!
  15. Bud - My flies are done. I will put them in the mail today. Thanks again for hosting this swap!!
  16. Package arrived in The Biggest Little City yesterday! Jeez Oh Man can you guys tie!!! I'm going to catch me some trout now baby!!!
  17. I'm plugging away. I plan to have them done by April 15 as we're heading to Oregon for my mother-in-law's 80th birthday!
  18. I started my career in Burley, ID in 1977 and spent 12 good years there. I loved fishing the Big Wood River and Richfield Canal! I often wonder why I left, but when I think about the winters I remember why.
  19. I've got to have few of those in the box!
  20. I'm in! #16 BlueWing Olive
  21. I'll be tying a #16 Red Glitter Midge. I've been fishing it the last two days and it has been catching quit a few fish!
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