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  1. The Mad Scientist was taking stocking orders through 12/14 and shipping them out on 12/16. :clapping: I'm watching for the mailman even as I type this. :bugeyes: You cannot beat a flytyersdungeon deal; It just won't happen!! :boxing: :boxing:
  2. Michele's Craftstore has Lion Thick & Quick Chenille and Moonlight Mohair on sale for $2.99/skein through saturday 12/20. :yahoo:
  3. Got it. Though as it turns out, you had already sent it but my memory is shot! :wallbash: Thanks again for hosting, you are the host with the most!! :thumbup:
  4. Mine are done, please email([email protected]) me your address.
  5. I had one at noon with lunch and it tasted soooo good that I had to have another! I'll need a nap before quiting time!! :bugeyes:
  6. I've spent the last 31 years as a range management specialist with the Bureau of Land Management in Idaho, Utah and finally Nevada. As of Dec 31 I'll be retired and full time grandpa & fishing bum. :thumbup:
  7. I'm with you Claudia; I LUV MY PEAK!!
  8. Togen Fly Shop is offering 20% off of everything they sell through Dec 31. :jumpy: Use the discount code Super20 :shifty: http://www.togenenterprises.com/home.html
  9. When you ask your wife if she'd like to go with you down to Joann's Fabric to see what's new!
  10. Buggers are done! :boxing: Please send address! :shifty:
  11. That pattern will be HARD TO BEAT!! :eek: :clapping: :crazy: :yahoo:
  12. More tying than fishing up til now! However; New pickup + Retiring Dec 31 = Look out trout!! :devil:
  13. "I should probably make a few more and let some of you guys try em out..." I'd be happy to take one of those BAD BOYS for a spin!! :thumbup: :thumbup:
  14. I use to fish the Siletz and Alsea for steelhead. Also dug a lot of horseneck clams in Yaquina Bay over by the OSU Marine Science Center. Lots of fishng and hunting around there. Have fun... :headbang:
  15. Great Job! :clapping: I'd sure like to find one of those under my tree on Xmas Morning; OLD BUDDY OF MINE!! :bugeyes:
  16. Among their Xmas decorations, DollarTree has a great deal on 18" holographic tinsel. The local store had it in gold, red and purple. There must be 100 to 150 strands for, you guessed it, $1.00! :thumbup:
  17. Where can I order some of that Flash in the middle of your slatboard! :bugeyes:
  18. Welcome Aboard the best flytying site on the web! :cheers: Whereabouts do you live in Oregon? I grew up about halfway between Salem and the coast. :clapping: Lots of great fishing, though lots has changes since I left in 1977. :crazy:
  19. And a big HAPPY TURKEY DAY right back at YA!! :bugeyes: :punk: :kicking: :jumpy: :eek: :clapping: :cheers: :ban: :yahoo:
  20. I'll be tying the BLOODY BUGGER! :scared: :devil2:
  21. Thanks for sharing! :yahoo: Looks like a fun time and a chance to learn something!! :thumbsup:
  22. Holes and if the dubbing is in a bag, I poke a hole in it. :boxing: It keeps things neat and tiddy and helps keep me from using too much dubbing! :scared: I LUV HOLES!! Oh ya, I also LUV THE MAD SCIENTIST!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  23. I'm in. :thumbsup: Pattern TBD shortly. :shifty:
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