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  1. I'm in with a Sheep Creek Special.
  2. Converse All-Stars low tops, but their only adviseable in the summer here in the Great Basin!
  3. Peak would get my vote as it has for the past 5 years!!
  4. Flies went in the mailbox today. Thanks again for hosting this swap!!!
  5. Wow! Nice job on the fly and bending those strings!!
  6. I'm in if you still have spaces to fill. Pattern TBD.
  7. Just got an email from Allen Hooks "Deal of the Week". All hooks 50% off today 9/30 only. Use code DOTWHOOK50. $25 prediscount minimum order.
  8. bigdewy

    Only joking

    The Teabaggers have spoken.
  9. Go job Steve, that sh*t'll kill you!!
  10. Good stuff!! There'll definitely be less "elbow room" at Pelican next month, but the more the merrier, eh!
  11. My daughter got one for my birthday. I think it's pretty cool, but then I got it from a pretty cool kid!
  12. Killer looking little nymph! Here Kitty-Kitty!!
  13. A very well done SBS IMHO! Photos are outstanding and descriptions concise!! I'm definitely adding this little gem to my "arsenal"!
  14. Nice cuttie! Sounds like you guys did pretty good, averaging 5/day/rod! It's been kinda slow, waiting for the warm weather. How did the midges workout for you?
  15. Got my hook order today and have to say that they look damn good to me. Close inspection revealed no flaws and they are nice and sharp. Looking forward to doing a little cutthroat dental work with them shortly!! Thanks again Will!!
  16. 1. Yes 50's and 100s, no sense farting around with packs of 10. 2. Gold, black, white & red mostly. 3. 2.5mm & 3mm 4. I paid $12.00/hundred for the last ones I bought, plus shipping which was a flat $4.95. I used to get them for $10.00/hundred which if I remember correctly included shipping from a guy on FAOL and really thought I was getting a deal. Maybe that's why he doesn't sell them anymore. I hope this pans out Will!
  17. Just remember to pay attention and don't let your mind wander!!
  18. I hear you brother! Just remember, flashbacks are free!!!
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