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  1. Tim - Flies are packed and going in the mailbox this am. :ban: :ban: Cheers And Thanks for hosting this MASSIVE swap!! :thumbup:
  2. Mine will be done tonight or tomorrow. Please send me your addie. Cheers :yahoo:
  3. That Day5 is the fastest typer in the west! :wallbash:
  4. I'm feeling a little light-headed! What a bonanze!! He must have thought a lot of you to pass on such a great collection!!!
  5. :clapping: That would be a guaranteed killer here on Pyramid Lake! :bugeyes: Send me a dozen and I'll test them out for you!! :thumbup: Great job!!! :clapping:
  6. Great photos, but that flybox is just a little too organized! :bugeyes: :j_k:
  7. bigdewy

    Jack Gartside

    Anyone who has never been to Jack's website should definitely check it out. In addition to his merchandise, Jack has a great section with stories of his many fishing adventures both in the U.S. and south of the border. Well worth spending a couple of hours. :yahoo:
  8. My christmas box arrived today! :thumbup: I don't know how he does it and stay in business!! :ban: There is so much great material in there that it is beyond belief!!! :clapping: He really must be MAD!!!! :yahoo:
  9. I ordered mine the same day that he sent out the email alert! :thumbup: It sounds like quite a selection of material and you can't beat the price!! :lol2: I'll be watching for that little white truck with a package!!! :eek:
  10. Unbelievable pictures :thumbup: The Oregon Steelhead video is also a keeper!! :headbang: Made me a little homesick!!
  11. Whiskers!! :bugeyes: My neighbor's cat has a bunch of whiskers!! I'll bet she wouldn't miss a few!!!
  12. Those wings do look a little long; :j_k: better send the whole lot to me and try again! :hyst: \ Super job in MHO!! :yahoo:
  13. I've got a bad case of "telephoto lens" envy!! :bugeyes: Don''t shake that big thing at me!! :hyst: :hyst:
  14. Hell Mark, you are a wild man! :thumbup: I don't know if it will catch fish, but it sure caught me!! :serenade:
  15. Here are mine in no particular order: 1) Muddler Minnow 2) Gray Hackle Peacock 3) Adams 4) Black & Olive Wooly Bugger 5) Pheasant Tail Nymph (Peacock Thorax) 6) Stayner Ducktail 7) Griffith's Gnat 8) Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear 9) Elk Hair Caddis (Light Color) 10) Elk Hair Beetle (Dark) 11) Black Seal Bugger 12) Copper John :cheers:
  16. Great photos and great news on your success and well deserved recognition! :kicking: :cheers: :clapping: :ban: :yahoo:
  17. I bought a bottle of "Hard As Nails", but it is too thick. I couldn't find any "Hard As Nails" thinner in the nail polish section. Any suggestions?
  18. Peacock is a trout magnet and red is irresistable to cutthroats!! :bugeyes: I've got to add this one to my repertoire!!! :jumpy:
  19. Old Hat - You've been tearing up the vise with some really super ties! :headbang:
  20. Leeches are done, packed and will be in the old mail box tomorrow AM! :smoke: Thanks again Frank for hosting this slimelicious swap!! :thumbup: :thumbup:
  21. Mine arrived yesterday. Great selection which I'll be trying not to lose on friday! :headbang:
  22. #12 Seal Leech for me. :kicking: :kicking:
  23. Class of '77! :thumbup:
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