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  1. That is one awesome tie and a great picture to boot! :headbang:
  2. Your killing me! :wallbash: :wallbash:
  3. Take a bigger lead and be sure to follow through.
  4. I'm in. :yahoo: Pattern TBD; something big and slimy! :hyst:
  5. Great looking coachman! :headbang: :yahoo: If I were a trout, I'd be on that fly like stink on :poop: !!
  6. Great looking ties! God Bless your son and all of our sons and daughters who stand guard to keep us safe!!
  7. I bought 3 skins and a bunch of bucktails from this guy last spring. They were all great. :yahoo: I wouldn't hesitate. :thumbup: :thumbsup:
  8. Old Hat, those pictures make me so ashamed of myself. :wallbash: I'm afraid I need a darn good spankin! :nono: Know any good looking blondes who might be willing to administer a little pain? :lol2: :lol2:
  9. Now that is one hellova fly! :headbang:
  10. Another Sacramento based Fly Fishing Club, thought I don't know where the hell Granite Bay is. :hyst: http://www.gbflycasters.org/
  11. Check out this web addie for the California Fly Fishers Club based on Sacatomatoes. :j_k: http://www.cffu.org/
  12. Guaranteed cutthroat getter! :headbang:
  13. Bring on the lemon and cocktail sauce; Let's eat!! :hyst: :hyst:
  14. Flies arrived yesterday in The Biggest Little City! :yahoo: Super work by a bunch of World Class Tiers!! :clapping: :ban: Thanks Guys and especially DJ for hosting; U Da Man!!! :headbang:
  15. Chris Helm at whitetailflytieing has woodchuck in brown, orange, olive & natural as well as whole skins and tails. :yahoo: His online catalogue is chock full of useful information. :headbang: Well worth taking a gander at. :bugeyes: http://www.whitetailflytieing.com/
  16. You realistic tyers make my blood bol! :j_k: How do you do that!! :eek:
  17. Hell, I'm wild about it! :yahoo: You salmonfly guys leave me awestruck!! :bugeyes:
  18. I don't believe you will find anything on "tanning" a chicken skin. My advise is to scrap all of the fat and flesh off and rub it with borax.
  19. I believe that is SLUG-LUVIN! :devil: :clapping:
  20. :bugeyes: :bugeyes: What do you mean? :bugeyes: :bugeyes:
  21. Here's praying that all FTF members come through this hurricane and the rest of the season unscathed. :innocent:
  22. RSPCA Hell; They need an industrial strength can of RAID or possibly a Rajun Cajun! :gun_bandana: :gunsmilie:
  23. Looking at that picture makes my blood boil! :yahoo:
  24. Flies went into the mailbox this morning. :cheers:
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