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  1. Great video and great music. :yahoo: Nicely done! :headbang:
  2. A quick google search revealed the following: Tokaryk's Special Woolly Bugger Bob Sheedy There are as many different claims for the "invention" of the Tokaryk's Special as there are versions. I can proudly claim— that it was not I. It is a Crystal Bugger—a wooly bugger tied with crystal chenille. The secret to its success is the total arrangement. The Greenish body and black hackle/Marabou seems to be a key that Salmonids have problems resisting. I tie these in two sizes - 8 and 10, but now have added size 12 to the list. For that version and the smaller size 14 with which I am experimenting, you will have to give up the Micro-Ice Chenille for spun Peacock Crystal Dub. Pattern Hook: 10-1/0 3x Thread: Black 3/0 Tail: Black Marabou Body: Dark Olive Crystal Chenille Ribbing: I counter wind mine with gold wire Hackle: Black Saddle Hackle In Early Spring and Late fall we often tie these egg-sucking. This is the way I tie them. There are at least fifty other versions, but the basic pattern remains the same. I find sizes 10 and 8 are the best sizes but I have seen these things tied like Bow River Buggers that take fish and they extend a full four inches. Bob Morenski, who also claims to have invented the pattern, likes to keep them in size ten, and if you know Bob, you're likely to agree as he wears out a baker's dozen each day on the water. This is one of the most devastating patterns that I know. Fish mistake it for anything from a leech to a fathead minnow. It definitely had its origins in Manitoba, but is used extensively throughout the Canadian and American West. Shortly after I posted the pattern on our website, New Zealand, Australia, and Sweden began to tie them. We received glowing e-mail on the pattern effectiveness. Probably, it's a universal fly, and used by many before we "discovered" it.
  3. I luv peacock. What hook is it tied with?
  4. No sweeter feeling than fooling a fish on your own fly! :cheers:
  5. Great looking fly. I'll be trying this one tonight! :thumbsup:
  6. Either way, that is one hell of a nice tie! :jumpy:
  7. Looks like a slug to me. Where is the salt shaker when you need it. :shifty:
  8. Super photos :yahoo: I am photography ignorant; what is a 24-70?
  9. 23 year old blonde to do what with your fly? :hyst:
  10. Bring on the cocktail sauce. :thumbup:
  11. The complete definition from Webster's II New Riverside University Dictionary, 1988 Fly-fish vi. -fished, -fishing, -fishes. To angle using artificial flies for bait.
  12. From Webster's University Dictionary; Fly-Fishing - To angle using artificial flies for bait. So Coach Bob, it would appear that all of the things you claim are "not fly fishing" actually are fly fishing. :yahoo:
  13. 15 Gray Hackle Peacocks ready to go. My first attempt to post a photo.
  14. My flies will be finished tomorrow. :headbang: Please PM the address to send them to. :ban:
  15. Must be one hell of a book or one hell of a salesman.
  16. Great looking pattern and super step-by-step link!
  17. Went to the youtube site you posted. That band really cranks out some :poop: ! Just one guys opinion of coure. :hyst:
  18. Those flies are really great; I've got to give that a try. My wife's birthday is coming up soon... Wonder what she'll be getting?
  19. Very buggy looking. :headbang: I'll bet it is a real producer! :yahoo:
  20. Never heard of them. What kind of music do they play? :dunno:
  21. I've got to try this one! Super color combination! :kicking:
  22. Those look like killers to me.
  23. Ducktails went in the mailbox this am. :ban:
  24. Quills are the hollow barbed shafts that stick you or your pooch. My old labrador found out the hard way that porkies are best left alone. Guard hairs are long hairs mixed in with the quills.
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