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  1. :yahoo: My 13 Stayner ducktails are finished and ready to send. Please PM me your address and I'll get them headed your way.
  2. I have read the swap rules and will follow them to a T. Thanks for hosting!!!
  3. I would like to get in on this one with a #14 Gray Hackle Peacock.
  4. XM Radio, tuned to the Willie Nelson Channel unless there is a Yankees game on.
  5. My name is Duane and I live in Reno, Nevada. I started tying and flyfishing in 1978 when I lived in Burley, Idaho. I took an extended leave of absence from my vise for about 20 years and am just now getting back into it. I'm really looking forward to becoming re-acquantied with the art and learning about all the new synthetic materials which didn't exist when I started. I'm thinking about trying out one of the rotary vises. I still have the original Thompson A that I bought for $10.00 back in 78. I also still have most of the feathers and furs from then, some of which are currently being debugged. The improvement in the quality of genetic hackles is mind-boggling.
  6. I'm in Reno. I would like to sign up for the Stayner Ducktail.
  7. Lacewings are in a different Order (Neuroptera) of insects than caddis flies (Tricoptera). I don't believe that any of the lacewing species are aquatic.
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