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  1. bigdewy

    Thank you

    I'm with Mike and Peterjay! Things were getting pretty intense around here! Keep up the good work boys!
  2. Great looking box of flies arrived today in NV! Lots of tiny troutslayers for sure!! Thanks again GPD4 for hosting this microswap!!!
  3. Holy cow! Couldn't pass up this deal!!! Thanks Will!!!!
  4. Adams, Elk Hair Caddis, PT Nymph, Grey Hackle Peacock, Black Wooly Bugger
  5. Heck, I'd eat that if I had a cracker to put it on and a little hot sauce!! Keep at it on the whip finisher and after a few dozen flies it will become second nature, guaranteed!! Just stick with it!!!
  6. My Peak has never let me down.
  7. You might try these: http://www.glacierwear.com/furs-pelts-leather/opossum-pelts/opossum.html
  8. I've got a Fenwick that I built back in 1978 and it has never let me down; Wish the rod could say the same about me!
  9. Sweet tin of tiny troutslayers arrived today in The Biggest Little City!!! Some of the finest fly tyers in the world inhabit the FTF!!
  10. I'm in Reno! Did you say 20+ brookies? Count me in!!
  11. bigdewy

    wooly bugger

    Beautifully done video, great looking bugger and a sweet tune!!! We definitely need to see more!!!
  12. Thanks for volunteering to be Swapmeister Blane!!! You definitely Rock!!
  13. Thanks for the address! Flies will be headed to Saint Louie today!!
  14. Flies are tied and will be tagged & bagged tonight! All I need is an addie.
  15. I tie everything on my midge jaws(6-24). I lovz me my Peak!!
  16. As you can see, there are several vices that their owners swear by. Tough to chose, but I love my Peak and would highly recommend it to anyone.
  17. No problem for me, too cold for fishing here at the moment.
  18. I'm in if you still have room. The ever popular Adams would be my pattern of choice.
  19. If there is still room, I'm in with an Adams.
  20. Must have figured it out, I don't see your handsome mug in the avatar square.
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