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  1. Thirteen thousand flies, that just blows my little mind!!!
  2. I fish Frenchman Res alot, just east of Davis and am definitely going to tie up some of those damsels!!!
  3. Thanks to Jimboha for a super selection of flies!! I'm especially looking forward to trying those adult damsels this coming June!!! Merry Xmas to all my fellow tiers on FTF!!!
  4. Package arrived in the Biggest Little City yesterday and is safely tucked under the tree. Here's to you BFR for hosting this annual Super XMAS "Mother Of All Swaps"!!!
  5. Looks to me like your customer needs to get a bigger net to go with that rod!!
  6. All I can add is that I've been equally successful in losing nice fish with all three eye designs!!
  7. Wow, that looks like quite a party! Do the bagpipes scare the fish?? Have a Scotch for me please.
  8. Flies are tied & will be toe-tagged shortly. Please PM your addie.
  9. Don't forget Jack Dennis(Jackson Hole, Wyoming), Phil Rowley and Brian Chan (both B.C.).
  10. Super SBS!! I love using moose mane for bodies, really gives a buggy body look to a fly!!
  11. I'm with Old Bud!! I've been using the Sixth Finger since Keith Barton first came up with them and wouldn't tie with anything else!! The finger loop is the key that separates them from similar looking spring loaded scissors.
  12. Short bursts and fibers that aren't too long, say ΒΌ" or less from my experience.
  13. I'm in if you still have a spot. A #22 mosquito if I can find my magnifier!!
  14. I sent a box of material on the 13th, but never heard if it made it or not. Seems like maybe you came on a little strong there Steve.
  15. Wow Skip!! I don't know which is hotter, those fat trout or your avatar!!!!! Anything we can do to help our Vets is definitely an honor!! I'll be putting together a package today!!
  16. Great video of what looks like a "killer" pattern! Thanks for your efforts!!
  17. Lots of great stuff on your blog Flytire!! I barely scratched the surface and already picked up a couple of new patterns. Internet Explorer wouldn't let me get to Rockworm's site, don't know what's up with that? 176319, looks like you've got a good start.
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